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Nathan Law, a Hong Kong democracy activist, has been granted political asylum by Britain.

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong Democracy activist Nathan Law said he was granted political asylum in Britain, which he arrived in July after Beijing enforced a law enforcement agency. A brief national security firm about his home town, which has been heavily criticized by the West.

The move has raised tensions between London and Beijing as Britain opened the door to more than five million Hong Kong residents over controversial safety legislation.

“After a series of interviews in four months, the Home Office informed me that my asylum application was approved,”

; Law said on Twitter late Wednesday.

“The fact that I was wanted under the National Security Act shows that I am subjected to severe political persecution and is unlikely to return to Hong Kong without risk.”

On Thursday, Britain added a sweetener to lure Hong Kong residents on a £ 43 million ($ 59 million) pledge to help them find jobs, homes and schools under an initiative to get millions to set up. Settle

Britain accused China of repeatedly violating a deal that it saw semi-autonomous cities return to China in 1997, saying China’s security laws and a move to disqualify democratic legislators had destroyed Hong Kong’s high level of autonomy.

Hong Kong and Beijing officials said the law was important to fill a loophole in the national security defense that caused violent protests in 2019.For months, China has repeatedly told Western powers to stop meddling in Hong Kong’s affairs.

Hong Kongers became the fifth-largest foreign investor in central London in August and pushed prices in some popular neighborhoods outside the British capital.

London estimates that more than 300,000 Hong Kongers will be able to evacuate over the next five years, and Bank of America expects Hong Kongers moving to the UK could generate $ 36 billion in capital outflows by 2021.

Reporting by Anne Marie Roantree; Edited by Stephen Coates.

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