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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said ‘most players’ will get the COVID-19 vaccine but are not required to do so.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said on Saturday that the NBA does not want anyone to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, however, he believes it ultimately does. “Most players” will choose to do so.

“We are seeing this in both the real number of people who are vaccinated in the United States and in the opinion polls that people are more willing to get vaccinated,”

; Silver said during the virtual All-Star Weekend. From Atlanta, “I think for those who were hesitant, because tens of millions of people in the United States are now vaccinated, that people see, at least in the short term, what are the effects and are they?” I know how effective these vaccines are.

“My hunch is that most players will eventually choose to get vaccinated, they have to make personal decisions at the end of the day – and I take it a lot, and I take it very seriously.” But my feelings are the best [players] Will ultimately decide if they are interested in getting vaccinated.

Part of the reason Silver behind players are so interested in getting the vaccine is that it will make their lives a lot easier. Currently, under the NBA’s health and safety protocols, not only need to be tested on players up to three times a day. But they are still under a quarantine period, although they do not test positive on their own if they are in a “closed-contact” state with someone who has.

That’s what happened to all-star Kevin Durant, like twice this season – including last month when he was stunned in his first game against the Toronto Raptors, just being allowed. To play midway through the first quarter, then it was pulled. Again, in the middle of the third night after an inconclusive test by close contact, it turned out to be positive.

Under this scenario, if Durant was vaccinated, he would no longer be required to quarantine.

“In addition to the personal health benefits, the family health benefits, the economic benefits of vaccination because of the protocol we have, these are incredibly burdensome to our players and our team,” said Silver. say “But, for example, the CDC has announced that if you are vaccinated, you don’t need to be quarantined as a close contact, as you know, many of our players have to sit outside, not because they tested positive. But because quarantine is required due to close contact

“So at the moment, as we operate under so-called quarantine regulations, where most players will only go back and forth between home and stadium, once they are vaccinated, they will be able to do a lot. Up in their community And that’s what we’ve already started talking to with the players’ association, so there will be real advantages and benefits in vaccinating players. ”

The NBA has to postpone 31 games due to the league’s health and safety regulations, with teams including the Washington Wizards, Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs having to miss games due to not having enough players to play in the game.

However, Silver said he believed it was “realistic” to go through the playoffs without mandatory vaccinations for the players because he believed the league’s protocol was largely effective.

“I think it’s true, although we don’t need to be vaccinated because of course nobody – no players who are vaccinated and we have to postpone the game a little bit,” Silver said. “We know for the most part that most of the testing protocols, in conjunction with all masks and other precautions that we do, work.

“The NCAA tournament is going to be played this year and again without player vaccinations. For me, we’ll take further action if players are vaccinated. But of course they don’t need all of the vaccinations. ”

Silver did not respond to what would happen if there was a situation where the NBA team had to shut down during the playoffs because of the virus – just as the league had to do so many times. When the NCAA Tournament starts, if a team has an outbreak that prevents their opponent from playing, their opponent will advance to the next round, forfeited.

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