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NBA Keynote: Playoffs are taking place as the Sixers grabbed the No. 1 seed in the East. Wizards earn points to play.

The final weekend of the 2020-21 NBA regular season is here, and there’s more to play. We now know the 20 teams that will compete in a playoff or a point in a play-in tournament. But only a handful of seeds have been locked up, which would make the last few days interesting.

Here’s a look at the biggest takeaways from Friday night in the NBA:

The Sixers grabbed No. 1 in the East.

After being swept out of the playoffs in the first round last season, the Sixers made a big change in the offseason, Doc Rivers was hired as a new coach, while Daryl Morey was brought into the presidency to oversee the reception. page The two quickly jumped into roster rebranding, bringing together the likes of Seth Curry, Danny Green, George Hill and Dwight Howard.

And while they still have something to prove in the summer But it has achieved great success until now. After they won 1

22-97 on Friday night’s Magic, the Sixers are now 48-23 and are ranked No. 1 in the Eastern Conference for the first time since Allen Iverson and Co. did it in 2001, many will remember. That was the last time the Sixers entered the finals.

The Sixers will now wait for play-in results to learn their opponents for the first playoffs. It will be either the Celtics, the Hornets, the Pacers or the Wizard talking about …

Wizards earn points to play.

Ahead of Friday night’s game against the Cavaliers, the Wizards held a ceremony to honor Russell Westbrook who passed Oscar Robertson as the most mixed doubles in NBA history.A few hours later, he added another to his name and the Wizards took the place in. Play-in competition

Westbrook was at that spot again, carving the Cavaliers 21 points, 12 rebounds and 17 assists on their way to a 120-105 victory.This was the eighth game of the season. With at least 17 assists for Westbrook The rest of the NBA collectively has 11 such games.

The Wizards are still only 33-38 in the season, but with this win, they 16-6 since April 5th, tied for the second-best record in the league in that period, and they have a positive net – 5.7 Scoring in 22 games is for comparison’s sake, that’s almost the same as the Bucks’ net scores for the whole season.

Pointing out recently, the Wizards have been great and now they are going to be in for a play-in match.Their win over the Cavs has kept them safe and it’s possible that they can still finish high. Reaching rank eighth, which means obtaining double elimination status. A Westbrook and Co. response

Jokic triple-double There are nuggets closed in the 3rd seed.

The Nuggets managed to grab a playoff title a while back, but No. 3 in the Western Conference were still up for grabs, so they weren’t easy to stretch. Not even Nikola Jokic, the big man who has carried them all season long, as coach Mike Malone said earlier this week, “Nikola may be injured in training”.

However, there is one way to get a little extra time: subtly dominate the start of the game so you can sit in the entire fourth quarter. That’s what Jokic did on Friday night, recording 20 points, 15 rebounds, 11 triple assists in just 26 minutes, the nuggets led by as many as 19 and snatched a 104-91 victory over the pistons. Easily

With their winnings and the subsequent loss of the Clippers, the two teams are now tied at 47-24, with only one game left to play for each club. The Nuggets held the strap, meaning Sunday’s win against the Trail Blazers earned them third place.

After Jamal Murray fell with a missing ACL last month, almost everyone was expecting the Nuggets to back down. But they have escaped 13-4 since Murray’s injury and have a chance to earn the top three for the third season in a row. No other western team can say the same thing.

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