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NBA Playoffs Winners Losers: Jayson Tatum joins top 50 companies; Julius Randle’s nightmare continues.

Friday night is the fierce night of the NBA basketball playoffs. The Hawks beat the Knicks to take a 2-1 lead in that series, while the Clippers and Celtics both avoided 3-0 holes with victories over the Mavericks and the Nets following. order

Below are winners and losers from Friday night’s action.

Winner: Jayson Tatum

Tatum made 50 points as Boston effectively maintained the season with a 125-119 win over Brooklyn, which now leads the series 2-1 into Sunday’s Game Four if Celtic. s lost 3 games, you can change The historic blackout of a 3-0 comeback in that city, however. that̵

7;s baseball It never happened in the NBA, not even once.

But the Celtics have a chance to watch the series on Sunday. And they have Tatum who fought strong through the first two games of the series (9 for 32 from the field; 14.5 PPG) Thanks, definitely not a bad company to join:

In 50 appearances, Tatum added seven assists, six rebounds, two steals and one block. He’s 16 of 30 off the pitch, including five of 11 out of three, perhaps more importantly. Ultimately, he went 15 free throws, scored 13 goals. His aggression was there from the start.

As you can see from those highlights, many of Tatum’s buckets are pretty well contested. This guy is just a world class shooter. Are you concerned about how sustainable this sort of self-made isolation/guilt will be for Boston as a whole? And of course, Brooklyn still controls the series. But when Tatum was like this The Celtics can beat anyone.

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard: Winner

Clippers as well as Celtics Efficiently secured their season with a 118-108 Game 3 victory over the Mavericks on Friday. Which now leads the series 2-1. It looks silly in the beginning. The Mavericks lead 30-11.

“We have no choice but to stay strong, stay together, keep fighting,” said Paul George after the game.

For me, George was the biggest winner on Friday night. Although Leonard, who scored 36 points on 13 of his 17 games shot, really did better. George became the scapegoat for every falling Clippers. The faces of their previous season’s failures It’s not fair, it’s clear, but it’s where we are and if the Clippers go 3-0 down with a sixth straight defeat in the season. This job would be ugly for Playoff P.

But George caught fire when the Clippers were on that first hole and scored 29 of 11 of 18 off the field. Kawhi was the second-half man, but it was George who got the Clippers back in the game with 22 first-half points from the Clippers. Shooting 10 out of 12, it kept the wolves at bay for at least a few days.

If Clippers lost the series The kindling will still be there, if NBA Twitter wants to light the fire with George’s rep, they won’t care if he has 28 points, 12 assists in game 2 and what he did in game 3. And say. To be honest, he’s only 5 vs 21 out of 3 in the series so far. And the Clippers’ defense, which was supposed to be a particularly great postseason unit, as individual defenders such as George were set on fire in Games 1, 2 and 3 by Luka Doncic.

In other words, PG’s narrative is still on the air. We’ll see what the rest of the series will look like. but for one night George and Leonard were huge. Clippers’ defensive tactics, which were mostly single-player and Doncic shifted, worked where they were able to limit the Dallas gunners and almost turn off their color scoring. (Although neither of them was sent to Doncic, the nail clippers were heavily grading. around him soft It’s hard to argue with holding the Mavericks 108 when Luka has 44. We have a series.

Loser: Julius Randle

After a possible All-NBA regular season, Randle’s nightmare season continued on Friday with a 2-for15 14-point display in New York’s third game that was defeated by Atlanta. The Knicks are now trailing 2-1 in the series, and if Randle and RJ Barrett go wrong, it’s hard to imagine New York making enough of an attack to keep up. How does a falcon

Through three games in this series, Randle is 13 out of 54 from the field. That’s bad history.

Sometimes the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Those guys did Randle so bad after a season that he looked like he was proving himself a legit star in New York.

Trae Young: Winner

Young was pumping his superstar guard in his first season. The Hawks led 2-1 over the Knicks on Friday and Yuong finished with 21 points and 14 assists. He was virtually unstoppable in the pick and roll. He doesn’t play well with his left at the edge. which seemed to encourage New York to push him that way. But usually he didn’t quite reach the edge. and his floater For shooters (second clip) they are equally dangerous in any direction.

Check out this group that Young recently joined:

It was still wild that Young and Luka Doncic exchanged. Both of these guys are awesome. It’s crazy how Atlanta ended up with a player like Young and still lost that trade in the eyes of most people. Luka was special, but Young wasn’t that far away. And Atlanta has organized a team around him that can legally win and stay well on track, at least in the second round if they keep this up.

Luka Doncic: Winner

I don’t care if Dallas loses in game 3. Don Sig is the winner. The man scored 44 points on 54 percent shooting, including 7 of 13 of 3, being Doncic’s third 40-point attempt from nine career playoff games. For this series, Doncic averaged 38 points, 9 assists and 8.6 rebounds from 46 percent of 3-point shots (he made at least 5 3s in each game), adding to his performance in the bubble. Last season and here’s what you got:

As mentioned above, the Clippers took a defensive approach where they would change picks and rolls and defend Doncic mostly head-to-head, and he properly disassembled them. The reason they did that was that they didn’t want the other Dallas players to go on.

It worked to some degree on Friday. Tim Hardaway Jr. and Maxi Kleber combined to make 8 of their 13. Their 3-pointer and the Mavericks totaled over the Clippers by 21 from the 3-point line, but the Clippers turned off the color. Completely exited and Kristaps Porzingis (who should actually be listed as a loser here) couldn’t do anything and is now terrified in two of the three games in the series.

The Clippers put heavy pressure on Doncic in the second half. Kawhi Leonard worked to stay with him through the screen or quickly switch back. Rajon Rondo used some heat, Terrence Mann did the same at times. We’ll see if that’s enough as the series continues. Something tells me the Clippers will have to start getting the ball out of Luka’s hand at some point with a trap and two teams, but Dallas is full of talented shooters/players. which can take advantage of the 4 vs 3 advantage effectively

That’s something to look forward to. How long will the Clippers let Doncic kill the defender? Also pay attention to Luka’s penalty shootout. It’s a mess right now. He’s 13-on-27 in the series, that’s 50 per cent below. At the end of Game 3, he clearly felt uncomfortable at the line. Try to shorten the cord several times. You must think these games are coming to an end. and Luka will have to make a free throw at some point.

Kyrie Irving: The Loser

Irving returned to Boston for his postseason on Friday. And it didn’t go well for him. The Nets lost, and while Kevin Durant and James Harden combined 80 points on three shots, 13 of 21, Irving only had 16 and two. Assists in 6 for 17 from the field.

We know the history here. Irving was traded to Boston in 2017. He didn’t play in his first season there. And Boston made the finals meeting without him. offseason which even season ticket holders Irving had announced – as unnecessary – at the time – that he intended to sign again as a free agent with Boston. That year he played in the playoffs and the Celtics lost in the second round with all of Irving. But has apparently quit playing on his team in the last few games with the Bucks.

Then he traveled to Brooklyn.

This is not to mention Irving’s comments about Celtics fans ahead of Game 3 when he said he hoped no. Any “sensitive racism” coming from the Boston crowd? I don’t get into that I don’t know what Irving’s experience in Boston was like. What I do know is that there are many reasons for basketball that fans Boston doesn’t like Irving. And of course he would love to come into the city in game three and put the Celtics to bed. he didn’t do that Brooklyn should still win the series. But now at least the series

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