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NC Pollen Count: High pollen counts in North Carolina cause an overgrowth of allergy sufferers to NC allergists.

The pollen count has been “very high” over the past few days in central Carolina.

A report Wednesday with data from the North Carolina Air Quality Division showed that pines and oaks are just a few of the things that make people uncomfortable.

It looks like a nuisance green pollen these days. The coating doesn’t have to be an allergen. It is an invisible particle that swirls in the air, causing people to suffer.

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“This is the worst,” said Raleigh resident Andy Filangeri.

“I’ve never seen a pollen this thick and foggy before, and it was difficult with children,”

; said Virginia visitor Vicky Crawford. “I have a lot of itchy throat and itching in my ears.”

Allergy sufferers say the clinic is busy.

People have been trying to get prescription drugs or asking about allergy immunotherapy, which is a long-term shot.

“Allergies can be very helpful in treating your allergies,” said Dr. Sofija Voleratas, a UNC allergist at the UNC Department of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology.

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Over-the-counter options are available at your local pharmacy.

While most people tend to choose one pill But doctors say there are better products.

“A nasal spray is actually a better option to manage your symptoms. It’s a lot easier to put it in,” says Volerathus.

The nasal spray needs to be consistent. You have to use it every day for best results, and Voleratas says it takes about 7 days to form a protective layer against allergens.

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Voleratas also said it was normal to use both sprays and medications at the same time.

Masks also provide protection.

“Wearing the N95 will definitely reduce the amount of allergens you breathe because it’s designed to filter that out,” said Voleratus.

Cloth can do the trick too.

It’s not just your imagination: pollen seasons keep getting longer and worse, studies have found.

“Before the epidemic, we spoke to patients about wearing masks when they were mowing the grass or going outside for a long time,” Voleratus said.

She has other suggestions.

Keep windows closed overnight and limit your time outdoors in the morning.

If you have a dog, wipe it with a wet cloth after walking. Pets will collect pollen on their bodies and can bring them into your home.

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