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Nearly 250 fully vaccinated people in Michigan have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services said nearly 250 people were fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to MDHHS, 246 people tested positive 14 days or more after receiving a second vaccine at the end of March. People who tested positive were asymptomatic or had fewer symptoms compared to those who were not vaccinated.

So far, more than 1

.7 million Michigan people have received the full dose of the vaccine.

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Of the 129 positive cases, there was no data on hospital admissions, while 117 had that. Eleven people were treated in the hospital, 103 were unidentified as unknown.

The information contradicts a statement by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said last week.

“Now our hospital people are getting zero vaccinations, telling you the vaccine is working,” she said.

In addition, according to MDHHS, three people older than 65 died, two of these deaths within three weeks of completing their vaccinations.

Officials said most of the population developed a full immune system within 14 days of completing the vaccine series. But there appears to be a small proportion to obtain the full antibody response.

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The CDC is working to understand the risk nature of this group, MDHHS said.

The health bureau stressed the proportion of vaccinated people who had lower hospitalizations or deaths than those who had not received the vaccine.

Additionally, health officials said some people who received a positive test for COVID after being vaccinated may have been consistently positive from a recent infection before being fully vaccinated.

Cases are being reviewed to determine whether other CDC criteria are met for determining potential advances, including the absence of a positive antigen or a PCR test less than 45 days prior to the test. Positive after vaccination

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