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Nepal faces deadly coronavirus like India, doctors warn | global development

Doctors in Nepal have warned that the country is experiencing the same intense COVID-19 wave as neighboring India, with the border reporting a sharp increase in cases and a shortage of hospital beds and oxygen.

In Nepal’s Banke district, which borders India, doctors from Bheri Hospital said it was converting to “mini India” with the coronavirus outbreaking out of control.

“The situation cannot be controlled. “We are in a helpless situation,” said Rajan Pandy, the hospital’s chief physician adviser. “We have a shortage of nursing staff in the hospital.” Over the past two weeks, 80 staff at Bheri Hospital have been detected. Covid-19 positive

On Thursday, Kathmandu, the country’s capital, entered a two-week blockade, while Health Minister Hridayesh Tripathi warned that a second wave was attacking the country. “It is more contagious and dangerous,” Tripathi told the Nepali Times, saying that Nepal’s health care system “cannot prevent the epidemic”.

Banke, becoming one of the worst-hit areas outside Kathmandu on Friday morning, reported 12 deaths over a 24-hour period, the highest daily death toll.

So far, Nepal has reported 323,187 cases and 3279 deaths from COVID-19, but the number is growing rapidly. The peak in October was 5,743 in a single day. But the current peak to 5,657 on Friday.

Pandey is one of the doctors and health experts who believe the new strain B1617 first detected in India, believed to be contagious, has spread to Nepal and is behind the rise of recent cases affecting people. Sick younger and even children at times similar to the situation in India. However, there is no scientific data to prove this.

“We do not have a machine to determine what variables are. We can’t speak because we don’t have a sequencer. I said they brought the machine. But not in use, ”said Pandey.

But he talks about the hospital jam-packed with Covid-19 patents.Many people gasp for oxygen as they wait hours to be admitted outside hospital doors and lack of critically ill beds and ventilators.

“I, my mom and dad have been infected with COVID-19. My father’s situation has worsened, it’s almost impossible to get a ventilator, we have to fight for it,” said Sudil Kumar Lakhe in Banke. Pneumonia following complications from COVID-19

Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population released a clear statement this week that India-bordered districts have been hit the worst and that coronavirus cases are growing rapidly.

“Cases escalate so rapidly that the country’s healthcare system is unable to cope. We urge everyone to be sane, ”read the statement released by the government.

Only 7% of the population were initially vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine.Nepal was the beneficiary of Delhi’s “vaccine diplomacy” by India donates 100,000 doses to neighbors. However, after India has halted all vaccine exports in recent weeks, Nepal is reliant on China for quantity and its rollout has slowed.

The Nepalese government rejected reports saying COVID-19 had reached Everest. Last week, it emerged that Norwegian climber Erlendnes was lifted from the mountain after testing positive for COVID-19.

Although the number of COVID cases is increasing in Nepal. But the government has issued 408 licenses to climb Everest, a major source of tourist income.

Tourism Department Director Mohan Bahadur GC denied that there were no COVID-19 cases at Everest Base Camp.

When asked about some climbers who flew back to Kathmandu and eventually tested positive after showing symptoms, he said: “There was no COVID-19 testing facility at base A camp. West “

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