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Netanyahu’s reign as prime minister appears to be counted as rivals reveal partnerships.

The longest-serving prime minister in Israeli history may have to leave office soon. After many opposition parties said that They are ready to form a unified government to oust Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years in office. who is the leader of the small hard line Yamina sect It said he would join forces with Yaer Lapid, the opposition leader at the center of forming a coalition government. “It is my intention to do my best to form a national unity government with my friend Yaer Lapid, so that God is willing. Together we will be able to save the country from the clutches and bring Israel back on its original path,” Bennett said. The announcement came after several outside observers said the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict would benefit Netanyahu̵

7;s ambitions to stay in power.

Bennett and Lapid have until Wednesday night to present a deal with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, then must be endorsed by the Israeli parliament. For now, Bennett appears to be head of government until the fall of 2023, with Lapid as secretary of state. They will then switch roles until new elections in 2025.

Netanyahu is likely to stay in politics if he is ousted from office. And he made it clear on Sunday that he would fight back as much as possible to try to stay in power. Shortly after Bennett announced a new alliance. Netanyahu called this plan the He has accused Bennett of betraying his right-wing voters. “Not a single person in Israel would vote for Naftali Bennett if they knew what he was going to do,” Netanyahu said. Netanyahu is eager to stay in power for the next few days to pressure the right-wing to reject the new coalition government.

If the alliance moves forward It would unite an ideologically diverse political party, from the left to the right-wing nationalist Bennett, which wants to annex most of the occupied West Bank. It’s also very different from the ass. A former TV news anchor who mostly represents secular centers. Those differences mean that new governments tend to focus more on economic policy. at least at first more than the issue of divisiveness This includes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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