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Lara Jean Covey completed her senior year in “To All the Boys: Always and Forever,” the third and final film in the popular trilogy based on Jenny Han’s adult novel and star Lana Vulture. It felt like she graduated as well.

“It was a really surreal moment, I was emotional,” Condor said of playing the sweet and exotic Lara Jean for the last time in the new Netflix movie (streaming Feb. 12, “I’m very nervous because I’m still prepared. Not full My heart hurts to know that it’s ending. But I’m very excited as well. “

USA TODAY finds exclusive first look from director Michael Fimognari’s latest “To All the Boys” film, which finds Lara Jean is transforming into adulthood and planning for what to come. She and her boyfriend Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) dreamed of attending Stanford together, though plans had to change.Lara Jean was forced to weigh in on what she felt was most important for her own life.

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The first two films, To All the Boys, were about Lara Jean’s relationship with the guy she liked, Condor said, but in the new film, “It’s cool to see her start to think about her future as an independent woman regardless. To Whether her relationship will follow or not “

Peter has also demonstrated growth in “forever and ever” and faced the complex feelings of abandonment about a estranged father. (Henry Thomas), who remarried while Centineo thought Peter came out “perfect” in the first film, and may have been a little too connected to former Gen (Emilija Baranac) for Lara Jean’s comfort. In part two, however, this new film certainly shows the character flaws on the side

“You really get to see why he’s insecure and why he’s like you’ve never seen it before,” says Centineo. “All the other movies, you’ve only seen Peter in Lara Jean. Saw him in person with (his father) and it was beautiful. ”

Lara Jean, Peter and their friends – including Peter’s BFF Christine (Madeleine Arthur) and Trevor (Ross Butler) – travel to New York City (where, for Lara Jean, referring to the NYU examination) and to the event. Prom, however, the film starts with Condor’s favorite part: Lara Jean’s life-changing journey to Seoul with her father (John Corbett) and sisters Margot (Janel Parrish) and Kitty (Anna Cathcart) to study. Know where she comes from and more about her Mae Sai.

“I’ve always wanted my sister to be more of an integral part of this film,” said the 23-year-old Vulture.

And, of course, at prom, everyone will have a moment to walk with the entire dance circle. “I would say Noah was a more cheerful dancer than Peter,” the Sentineo added, “I don’t. I’ve been to prom personally. ”The movie version was“ really fun. ”

For Centineo, 24, Lara Jean and Peter represent “the wonderful feeling of love with someone you rarely get in your life. But you got it When people watch the movie it will warn them or give them hope that they will find it again, or they will find it for the first time. ”

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The vultures appreciated that they were lovers who were constantly trying to communicate better, which is important because “Children are forced to grow very quickly, especially now with all the technology at our fingertips.”

And they also knew not to grow too fast, she said. “They had conversations about her innocence, for example. They are not in that rush. They are moving at a pace that they feel is right for them. ”

As Lara Jean and Peter finish their story, the actors keep on going, too.For example, Centineo is moving from a teenage heartthrob to a superhero in his next movie, playing the opposite of Atom Smasher. With Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero in DC’s Black Adam, “My friends will squat more than The Rock by the end of 2021, don’t worry,” Centineo said.

Vulture looked at how the roles she got now “much older and different” than the movie To All the Boys. “It was weird for me to think I spent a lot of time doing these movies,” she said. “It took a lot of my life for a few years. But I feel I have grown a lot through them. ”

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