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Netflix is ​​re-introducing new features for Android, but not iOS (yet).

Screenshot of the Netflix download page on a smartphone.
expand / Screenshot of the Netflix download page on a smartphone.

Being able to download all videos to your mobile device is a nice feature. (But little-known) of Netflix and similar services over the past couple of years. But the experience wasn̵

7;t without disappointment, the new Netflix mobile app update aims to make this feature better.

starting today Users of Android phones or tablets version 7.64 or higher can start watching downloaded videos in the Netflix mobile app. Even if the video hasn’t finished downloading to your device yet. A post in the company’s newsroom announcing the new feature stated it was for times when “unreliable Wi-Fi or maximum data plans” prevented full video downloading.

So if you try to download movies on airport Wi-Fi before your flight from one side to the other, But access is only 80 percent before you have to board. At least now you can watch some movies while waiting for the opportunity to finish the download once you have a reliable connection again. The download will be able to resume where it left off. Even if you start watching a video in the meantime.

You will find some downloaded videos in the same Downloads tab as all downloaded files.

The feature is currently only available on Android devices, but Keela Robison, vice president of product innovation at Netflix, wrote that the company will “Start testing on iOS in the next few months.” The download feature was never available on the desktop website. and still is

This isn’t the first time Android has received a Netflix mobile app feature. Netflix released “Smart Downloads” a couple of years after it introduced its basic download feature. The addition removes the TV show episodes after you watch and automatically downloads the next episode. It arrives on iOS much later, and there’s also Download For You, a feature that automatically downloads Netflix-recommended content based on past viewings of Netflix. you

Downloads For You is still only available on Android, but Netflix says it will begin testing the feature on iOS soon as well.

Entry image by Ron Amadeo.

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