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Netflix’s Lucifer Season 5B Trailer

Dennis Heybert and Tom Ellis in Lucifer.

Dennis Haysbert and Tom Ellis in Lucifer
Photograph: A. John P.Fleenor / Netflix

The fans are very patient. Lucifer It was finally awarded a brand new trailer for the second half of the fifth season of the show. The first installment dropped in August 2020 with eight episodes and Ended in a big excitement: Arrival of God himself, portrayed by the perfect actor Dennis Heybert.

In the first look at Season 5B, God tries to understand the life his son Lucifer created for himself on earth. This included having a family dinner with him along with Amenadiel, Linda and Michael, as well as scoping out his work with the LAPD and his partner Chloe Decker / lover. The fact that Lucifer, unlike Dan, is known as Detective Douche, Lucifer doesn’t even have his own desk there.

Elsewhere in the example, we’ve looked at the highly anticipated first. Lucifer In the episode, Labyrinth and Eve seem to be together again, his evil twins Lucifer and Michael, wearing the best wings and preparing for battle, God decides to resign from his holy post. He and Lucifer tried to therapy so they could solve their problems – father-son problems.

The fantasy crime drama, developed by Tom Kapinos, airs the first three seasons on Fox centered on Lucifer Morningstar, played by Tom Ellis, who set up a military base in Los Angeles after abandoning Hell and starting work as a consultant with police Despite being a fan favorite, Fox canceled a step in 2018.Their loss was Netflix’s gain as the streaming platform picked it up in its fourth season. Last year, they announced that the upcoming season 6, 10 episodes, will be the final season. like, last last.

Along with Ellis and Heybert, Season 5 also stars Lauren German, DB Woodside, Kevin Alejandro, Rachel Harris, Lesley Ann-Brand. Th, Imi Garcia and Inbarlavi

Season 5B, which production has been delayed due to the outbreak, will drop on Netflix on May 28.

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