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Nets vs. Celtics scores, takeaway: Jayson Tatum dropped 50 points to lead Boston to a 125-119 victory in Game 3.

The Brooklyn Nets appeared to be dominant in their opening two games against the Boston Celtics, but the home team received a brilliant effort from their star on Friday night to claim a 125-119 victory. highly wanted

After a mostly ineffective finish in two games at Barclays Center, Jayson Tatum broke into Game 3 as the scene shifted back to TD Garden when he beat the Celtics, finishing with a game-high 50 to push the team. The hosts above. On the other hand, it was Kevin Durant and James Harden who broke the net as Kyrie Irving struggled on his return to Boston, shooting just 6-17 from the field.

With the win, the Celtics gave life to themselves in their best-of-seven series. Because they avoided falling 3-0 against the very popular net. The two teams will meet again on Sunday evening. The event is scheduled to open at 1

9.00 via TNT.

Here are three key takeaways from the game:

1. Tatum delivers a historic performance.

There are several reasons why the Celtics are 2-0 down in this game, including the fact that the Nets have three of the best goalscorers of this era. But another key factor in the Celtics’ explosive loss in Brooklyn, Jayson Tatum, was nonexistent.

He scored 31 points in Games 1 and 2 combined and missed most of the second half of Game 2 after being beaten by Kevin. Durant poked his eyes. Without Jaylen Brown, who has been ruled out this season after undergoing wrist surgery, The Celtics couldn’t afford even an average performance from Tatum. Let alone the brutal acting he had to start the series.

However, on Friday night Tatum flips the script and presents it in an important way. He wasn’t normal or good, or even really good. He was incredible. A stellar 16-for-30 shot from the field, Tatum made 50 points and added six rebounds and seven assists for good measure. He became the third youngest player in NBA history to complete 50 playoff games, behind Michael Jordan and Jerry West, and the sixth Celtics player to complete it.

Inside, outside, at the free-throw line He did everything in game 3 and the net had no answer. The Celtics continually used the Nets defence to give the little defender a match for Tatum and he would shoot over them or foul. And when Durant tries to keep his hand in the late game Tatum then threw a clutch jumper in front of him to secure the victory.

This is just a special performance from one of the game’s best young players. The Celtics had a difficult season. But with Tatum leading the way, they still have a bright future.

2. Harden and Durant merge into 80, but Irving struggles.

Tatum’s 50 points will be the headline of this game. and for good reason But he wasn’t the only star out in the game, with James Harden and Kevin Durant producing impressive results. They added 80 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists in 24-for-42 from the field.

The Celtics are like everyone else. There was no answer for both of them. Whether it’s Durant’s mid-range jumper or Harden’s dynamic split sequence, both get all the shots they want. Most of them were enough to win. but not this time Mostly because of Tatum, but also because Kyrie Irving had a hard night too.

Irving’s return to Boston has always been remarkable. And he was met with a loud clamor throughout the game. Only he would know if that had to do with his unprecedented poor outing. But the truth is that he had the worst game of the series, finishing with 16 points from 6 against 17 from the field and with only two assists. Simply put, bad news for the Nets if Tristan Thompson beats Irving.

3. Thompson comes to play

Tristan Thompson’s first season with the Celtics was nothing to remember. He’s been in custody twice because of the COVID-19 protocol, going in and out of the lineup at various points and having no impact on the type of impact the Celtics expected when they signed him in free agency.

However, in Game 3 we saw Thompson, who was a key part of the Cavaliers playoffs a couple of years ago. He gave the Celtics the necessary strength and energy. And was one of the most influential players on the floor all night. At various points, he just beat the net and finished with 19 points and 13 rebounds, including nine from an offensive variety.

When Thompson leads The Celtics also cleaned the glass and secured a crucial edge in the second inning score: 13-5, although the second inning point was always important. First, they help you keep track of them in the scoring department, and second, they prevent all top scorers in the transition.

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