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Neuralink co-founder left the company for unknown reasons.

Max Hodak exits

Out of music

Max Hodak, co-founder of Neuralink, a brain transplant startup, announced today that he is leaving the company.

Hodak, who started a particularly ambitious venture with Elon Musk and recently served as chairman, did not say why he left the company or what terms. In other words, it is not clear if he was voluntarily left or fired.

“I’m not at Neuralink anymore (a few weeks ago),” he wrote in a tweet. “I learned a lot there and still be a great cheerleader for the company! Move forward to new things “

Best guess

Musk is a prominent spokesperson for Neuralink and has used that position to guarantee incredible results, which many brain scientists are still very skeptical of.

It was unclear if Hodak’s departure was related to the over-the-top expectations. He declined to comment for this story.

It’s worth noting that Hodak appears to have shot Musk on his way out of the gate. In response to his tweets about leaving the company, one said they were not fans of the lead change at the company that had yet to ship their products.

Hodak’s answer was just one word: “Same.”

Life finds a way

During his tenure at Neuralink, Hodak was sometimes attracted by sharing bizarre thoughts on topics that sometimes go beyond computing and neuroscience.

A particularly striking example came last month when Hodak commented that the technology already exists for scientists to “build Jurassic Park if we want,” an interesting fact that scrutiny has been based on. Mass media

At his signing, Hodak spoke at the time when someone asked him what to do next in his career.

“It’s not Jurassic Park,” he replied.

More about Max Hodak: Neuralink co-founders have ideas for a new religion.

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