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New, dodgy Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 leaks make us feel like a panda pixel.

A handful of impressions and what it claims to be Samsung’s upcoming folding promotional video have been released today, prominently showing off the Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, while we’re still skeptical. It is negligible and the details cannot be verified with our own sources. But a number of known believers are convinced, and a few key details shed light on what we can expect. Still, some of the design details are a little unusual, so get the news with the right amount (if not more) salt.

With Flip3

The most noticeable change for the Z Flip3 is the new dual-tone design, undoubtedly reminiscent of the Pixel 2 “Panda”, the most attractive Google-designed phone of all time. Edit about it However, in this case, it̵

7;s more than a design choice, as the “color block” on the back above has a larger rear / exterior display, as well as a dual camera setup.

Most Interesting Google Phone: Panda Pixel 2 XL

The text included in the images indicates that the Victus Gorilla Glass may be clad on the back. Sammobile believes it will match the so-called “Armor” on the hinge and display (Samsung recently trademarked “Armor Layer” and “Armor Skin”) is represented by four colors: white, purple, beige and green.

As we are talking about incomplete sources, it is claimed that the phone may come in eight colors – add black, dark blue, gray and light pink.

The accompanying video was leaked, with censored information outlined, showing a screen in progress in various contexts, including receiving messages and music controls.

The overall design of the phones shown is slightly more square and blocky than the previous Z Flip. But the curvature and cut at the back glass to the metal frame are very similar. The biggest entry point to the design was the new camera design, which appears to be using separate caps for each lens assembly, rather than a single cap for both.

With Fold3

Z Fold3 pictures show some important details. First of all, the phone may have a camera under the display, which is a pretty cool technology, and we haven’t seen it in the US yet. It may also boast of the S-Pen, which is in line with the information we’ve previously heard, although it may be a little different than the S-Pens we are used to from previous Note phones, the internal and external display could be a panel. 120Hz

The rear view of the Z Fold3 also shows a similar spherical camera lens cover, such as the Z Flip3, but merged together in one plateau. It is a rather unusual appearance and is significantly different from the previous models. But within the realm of possibility Colors can include beige, black, green and silver.

The provision of these leaks varies quite a lot and they are redistributed many times, we are not fully sure where they come from, although they may be from @rLeakswondering, @sondesix or @BuKarpiel, in any case, they are almost entirely from people with less history than we are used to reporting, which makes us pause. But a few details confirm what we expected otherwise, and it seems that @UniverseIce and Roland Quandt are convinced.In short, they find the bar higher than typical slashleaks, although we’re more confident of ourselves than they are. Whatever

Samsung hasn’t shipped the Galaxy Note out this year, but that doesn’t mean a premium flagship won’t be announced in the second half of this year, and we’ve been hearing the Galaxy Fold’s buzz for a few months now. If they postpone it, these leaks might be our first glimpse of the Z Flip3 (assuming it’s the name it uses) and the Z Fold3 just doesn’t. too Excited or upset While we’re happy to point out these leaks as possible, relying on a handful of trusted names and a few possible details. But we haven’t confirmed this yet and a little skeptical remains.

Ryne Hager contributed to this post.

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