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New Fletch Film Begins Filming According to director Greg Motolla .

After decades The third ‘Fletch’ movie finally happened.


Finally, filming began on day three. Fletch film name Confession Flash. Greg Motolla (very bad, adventure land) Post a new movie logo on Twitter Monday and celebrate the start of filming.

Confession Flash It is the second book in Gregory Mcdonaldof Fletch A series of books and this will be the third book. Fletch Movies after 1985 Fletch and 1989 Fletch Liveswhich both stars Chevy Chase in the title role Jon Hamm will showcase and build on this latest iteration. As of last week, Deadline reported that Marcia Gay Harden, Kyle McLachlan, and Roy Wood Jr. will also be joining the cast while Hamm’s mad man co-star John Slattery will also appear in the movie.


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In an interview with Collider last year, Hamm said “But as I said in the previous conversation, it’s a reboot not a remake So let’s go back to the novel and really destroy it. But hopefully it brings what people want to see. So fingers crossed!”

the third Fletch The film has been released since 1990. In 2000 it was announced that Kevin Smith will make a movie too Jason Lee in the lead role since then scrub creator bill Lawrence and hot tub time machine director Steve pink get both circles around the project as usual Zack Braff and Jason Sudeikis to play the title detective After decades of work, Motolla finally kicked off the project and Hamm was an extremely exciting actor to lead the production.

with Confession Flash Currently filming I don’t know when we’ll see again. Fletch Film. Check out Motolla’s announcement tweet below.

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