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New Fortnite Season 7 Discovery Has Some Players Very Confused

new Fortnite Discovery Season 7 has somewhat confused some players on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile devices. Epic Games teased Season 7 with vague clues and teasers. What will happen from all of that remains to be seen. Rather, it involves aliens and kangaroos, which go together naturally like peanut butter and jelly.

going to twitter, Fortnite The leaker and data miner HypeX relayed the words that the kangaroo appeared on the audio spectrum from the Season 7 teaser phone number earlier this week. There’s also a voiceover from the Turk character leaked this week that talks about the Australian mascot. in other words It looks like a muscular mammal is coming to the game. Presumably with Season 7, it̵

7;s confusing for a number of reasons.

as mentioned It’s unclear how the kangaroos will be tied to season 7 as it appears to focus on aliens and alien invasion. Additionally, adding certain animals to the game, such as wolves, is unclear what the force is. Incentives to add kangaroos Kangaroos are definitely not animals that allow themselves to be hunted and killed. Which is why some players think they’re some kind of beast/vehicle.

Of course, Epic Games can clear all confusion and guesswork with comments. But this will not happen. Not only does it comment on leaks and speculations. But with Season 7 approaching It doesn’t make sense to say anything right now. If so, we will update the story accordingly.

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