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At the moment of Bitcoin MagazineChristian Keroles and Ansel Lindner’s “Fed Watch” looks back at events of the past few weeks and takes them into a macro perspective. They also give us an optimistic vision for the next year with only the Bitcoin space.This list always provides a macro insights you won’t find anywhere else!

Now, it starts with a quick debate on Bitcoin’s censorship and exodus. Twitter is so desperate that in the age of the modern internet, our concept of censorship has certainly changed, incorporating internet speech and digital transactions. That Bitcoin will play an important role in giving people power and helping to shape future discussions.

Lindner tries to align these events with other similar events from the not so distant past. The main difference today is that society is in a revolutionary populist mood. Where similar events of the 1

980s or late 1990s were not treated as “riots” or “the end of America” ​​today, the world is at different points in a large cycle ready to interpret. Things like that Whether it’s the 100-year debt cycle or the fourth turn in the 100-year cycle, these events at this time trigger specific reactions.

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Next, our host summarizes the situation for a number of assets such as gold, dollar and commodities. Gold is expected to struggle over the next six months as the dollar rebounds and the accumulation of inventory for commodities will put pressure on the latest rally.

Finally, the show summarizes what they can expect in 2021 as an optimistic vision of the future.Bitcoin is the clear indication of this troubled time, and even if things can get a little worse from that perspective. Political years ahead, history and Bitcoin show us that the future is still very bright.

Ansel Lindner

Ansel Lindner is an economist, writer, investor and Bitcoin expert.Find out more from Ansel at BitcoinDictionary.cc, BitcoinAndMarkets.com, and BTCM.co.

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