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New Jersey expands COVID-19 vaccine to smokers But teachers and other important workers are still waiting.

On Thursday, New Jersey launched the coronavirus vaccine to include residents aged 65 and older and those aged 16 and older with at least one chronic illness, which the state said includes: Smoking and obesity But teachers and other essential workers who do not fall into this category will still have to wait.

In addition, the state does not require residents to provide any documentary evidence of any medical condition or age.

Other chronic medical conditions eligible for the vaccine include cancer, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Down syndrome, heart conditions, organ transplant patients, pregnancy, sickle cell disease, and type 2 diabetes. This is attended by paid or unpaid individuals, working or volunteering in health care facilities, long-term care residents or other gathering places, front responders, and people over 65. Eligible for the required vaccines

“Expanded reach to [the] Vaccines for people in these categories are very important because we know they are at risk of serious COVID-1

9 morbidity and mortality, ”said Judith Persicilly, Commissioner of Health. “80% of New Jersey’s COVID-19 deaths are among those 65 and older, and overall 67% of the deaths have reported at least underlying conditions. One thing “

Texas polled 2 million coronavirus cases, the second highest in the United States.

The state expansion to include people with underlying diseases, including smoking, is in step following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations for those considered at an increased risk of serious illness. From COVID-19, but not suitable for some residents

“How is smoking on this show ?? Serious ?? Your [SIC] will [SIC] Is giving more vaccines to smokers than employees who are at higher risk of infection? It doesn’t make sense, ”wrote one Twitter user.

However, Persichilli, at a news conference, added Wednesday that the state has more than 2 million smokers, making it the biggest risk group. She said 1.2 million people have already registered in advance for the vaccine through the state website.

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More than 387,840 doses of the vaccine have been vaccinated in New Jersey, with the majority of recipients being female. According to state data, 63% of recipients were women, while 37% were men, nearly half of recipients were white, 46% and residents aged 30-49 were the most vaccinated, 36%.

The state said it expected more groups to be eligible in the coming weeks as it would open distribution for additional front-line essential workers, other essential workers and the general population in Phase 1B Stage 1C. And the second phase, respectively

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