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New Jersey states that less than 1 percent of vaccinated people in New Jersey are infected with the coronavirus.

New Jersey found “breakthrough” COVID-19 cases among those who were fully vaccinated, but only 0.06% of those who were vaccinated, Judith Persicili said. State Health Commissioner said on Wednesday

Persichili said during the state’s latest coronavirus briefing in Trenton that the findings were It was “assured” and said evidence confirmed cases of the outbreak were “rare”.

From December 1

5, 2020, to April 23, 2021, the state health department said it had tracked 1,319 cases of the epidemic from about 2.5 million who had been fully vaccinated.

Persicilli said the department found 92 patients hospitalized, but only 30 were admitted because of COVID-19. Others were admitted for other reasons. but had a positive test result.

There were 14 deaths in that group, but only seven were directly related to COVID, Persicilli said.

Of the 1,319 patients diagnosed with COVID-19, of whom 505 had symptoms, 377 were asymptomatic, said Dr Edward Livschitz, medical director of the State Communicable Disease Service. and no data was available on the remaining 437 patients.

He mentioned those who were hospitalized or died. Most were over 50, while half of the hospitalizations and deaths were those aged 80 and over, two-thirds of the rising cases among women, he said.

Lifshitz said this advance figure is likely to The “lower number” is because people with no symptoms or mild symptoms are often not tested.

Persicilli also shared the results of the health care worker’s Hackensack Meridian Health study.

Only .58%, or 138 of 23,697 people, were vaccinated. infected with covid-19 Of the 1,239 people who tested positive, 105, or 8.5%, received a single vaccine. Of those who received the complete vaccine, only 33 of the 22,458, or 0.15%, received both doses.

Among those who reported symptoms Five people were hospitalized. and four of them need supplemental oxygen.

“The real message is that vaccines work,” Barry Kriesworth, a member of the Hackensack Meridian Center for Discovery and Innovation (CDI), told NJ Advance Media.

“The message back home is whether you are positive after the first or second match. The severity of your illness is greatly reduced,” Kreiswirth said, noting that a second dose helped people get more than one dose of coverage alone. “Vaccines do not protect people from contracting coronavirus. but will prevent serious illness hospitalization and death.”

The Hackensack data is consistent with a recent study by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which found that people who were vaccinated had mild symptoms if they were infected with COVID-19.

The CDC study followed more than 3,900 frontline health care workers. Of the 204 who tested positive, only 16 received the vaccine. The new infected had less than 40% of the virus in their bodies, had a 58% less chance of developing a fever, and had less bed rest for two days than those who hadn’t been vaccinated.

It was found that those who were fully vaccinated were 90% protected from the virus, while those who received a single vaccine were 81% less likely to contract the virus.

New Jersey is nearing 9 million doses, with 4.3 million people vaccinated, including about 95,000 out-of-state residents who have been vaccinated in New Jersey. Nearly 170,000 New Jersey residents have been vaccinated in other states.

The state goal is for 70% of the 6.9 million adults in New Jersey to be vaccinated by the end of the month. Approximately 61% of living adults are fully vaccinated. The second was more than 308,000 times for children between the ages of 12 and 17.

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