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New Mexico COVID-19 Update: 124 new cases, total 202,821 | NMDOH

6 more deaths from COVID-19

SANTA FE – New Mexico health officials on Friday announced 124 new COVID-19 cases, according to the Department of Health. The latest case is:

· 31 new cases in Bernalillo County

3 new cases in Chaves County

1 new in Colfax County

· 2 new cases in Kerry County

13 new cases in Doña Ana County

2 new cases in Eddy County

· 8 new cases in Guadalupe County

4 new cases in McKinley County

· 4 new cases in Otero County

1 new in Quay County

· 7 new cases in Rio Arriba County

1 new in Roosevelt County

9 new cases in Sandoval County

· 22 new cases in San Juan County

· 2 new cases in San Miguel County

· 4 new cases in Santa Fe County

· 3 new cases in Socorro County

3 new cases in Torrance County

· 4 new cases in Valencia County

The Department of Health on Friday reported six additional deaths in New Mexico related to COVID-1


Latest 2 deaths:

· A 70-year-old man from Bernalillo County The person was hospitalized and had an underlying medical condition.

· A woman in her 80s from Doña Ana County

4 deaths >30 days:

· A 30-year-old man from Doña Ana County

· Man in his 70s from Grant County This person has basic conditions and is a resident of the Silver City Care Center in Silver City.

· A 60-year-old woman from McKinley County. The person was hospitalized and had a medical condition.

· A 20-year-old woman from Mora County The person has an underlying condition.

The number of deaths in New Mexico related to COVID-19 stands at 4,263.

* COVID-related deaths have been reported when the issuance of death certificates and some death certificates have been delayed due to insufficient information.

The 10 zip codes across the state with the most COVID-19 cases on Friday, May 28 are:

  • 87124 – 7
  • 87401 – 7
  • 88435 – 7
  • 87413 – 6
  • 87120 – 5
  • 87402 – 5
  • 87031 – 4
  • 87114 – 4
  • 87121 – 4
  • 88012 – 4

Daily case counts and test numbers are raw based on currently received state data. This means data that has not been reviewed to identify potentially redundant data or late positives or negatives. on the contrary Red, yellow, green county level analysis provides highly accurate images over a two-week period.

Previously reported figures included one case in San Juan County that was identified as a duplicate – now that has been fixed. Three previously reported cases in Doña Ana County were considered among individuals held by federal agencies at the Otero County Processing Center, and are now being reported as such, Feb. 25. Wed One death from a 30-year-old man from McKinley County was not caused by COVID infection and has been resolved. Another death reported Dec. 15 of a 60-year-old man from Bernalillo County was not due to contracting COVID-19. and has been corrected When combining the newly reported cases above New Mexico has a total of 202,821 COVID-19 cases:

  • Bernalillo County: 58,408
  • Catron County: 95
  • Chaves County: 9,013
  • Cibola County: 2,893
  • Colfax County: 781
  • Kerry County: 5,252
  • De Baca County: 172
  • Dona Ana County: 24,865
  • Eddie County: 6,876
  • Grant County: 1,720
  • Guadalupe County: 429
  • Harding County: 12
  • Hidalgo County: 363
  • Lee County: 8,314
  • Lincoln County: 1,740
  • Los Alamos County: 529.
  • Luna County: 3,356
  • McKinley County: 12,339
  • Mora County: 171
  • Otero County: 4,027
  • County Key: 519
  • Arriba River County: 3,663
  • Roosevelt County: 2007
  • Sandoval County: 12,105
  • San Juan County: 15,426
  • San Miguel County: 1,368
  • Santa Fe County: 10,446
  • Sierra County: 778
  • Socorro County: 1,322
  • Taos County: 1,687
  • Torrance County: 826
  • Union County: 254
  • Valencia County: 6,806

The county’s totals may change as further investigations are conducted and the residence of individuals who are positive for COVID-19 is determined.

The Department of Health currently reports the following number of COVID-19 cases among individuals held by federal agencies in the following locations:

· Cibola County Correctional Center: 445

· Otero County Federal Prison Facility: 446

· Otero County Processing Center: 225

Torrance County Detention Facility: 157

The Department of Health currently reports the following number of COVID-19 cases among individuals organized by the New Mexico Department of Corrections at the following facilities:

· New Mexico Federal Prison in Valencia County: 298

Guadalupe County Correctional Facility: 253

· Lee County Correctional Facility: 762

Northeast New Mexico Correctional Facility in Union County: 167

· Northwest New Mexico Correctional Center in Cibola County: 128

· Otero County Prison Facility: 473

· New Mexico Penitentiary in Santa Fe County: 219

· Roswell Correctional Center: 229

Southern New Mexico Prison in Doña Ana County: 231

Springer Correctional Institution in Colfax County: 151

· Western New Mexico Prison in Cibola County: 75

As of today, 109 people have been hospitalized in New Mexico for COVID-19. This number may include people who tested positive for COVID-19 outside the state but are currently hospitalized in New Mexico. This number does not include new Mexicans who test positive for COVID-19 and may be transported to out-of-state hospitals.

As of today, there are 188,743 COVID-19 cases identified by the New Mexico Department of Health as being cured.

The Department of Health has identified at least one case of COVID-19 among residents and/or staff in the past 28 days in the following long-term nursing homes:

· The Aristocrat Assisted Living Center in Alamogordo

· Aztec Healthcare in Aztec

· Bear Canyon Rehabilitation Center in Albuquerque

· BeeHive House, Clovis

· BeeHive home portal

The Golden House in Las Cruces

· Genesis Healthcare Uptown in Albuquerque

· Genesis Rio Rancho Center

· Genesis Care Center Silver City in Silver City

Good Samaritan Society Scholarship

Good Samaritan Association Las Cruces

A House with Rescuers – Raven House in Albuquerque

· Laguna Rainbow Care Center in Casablanca

· Lakeview Christian House in Carlsbad

· The Meadows Home at the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute in Las Vegas

· New Mexico Veterans Home Either with the truth or the consequences

· Princeton Place in Albuquerque

· Albuquerque Rehabilitation Center

· Retirement Farm in Clovis

Rio at Las Estancias in Albuquerque

· Sierra Health Care Center in fact or consequences

· Sunset Vista Senior Living Center in Silver City

· Village at Alameda in Albuquerque

Vista Hermosa in Santa Fe

The Department of Health detects community spread in New Mexico. and is investigating the case of no disclosure The agency reports that due to the infectious nature of the virus, It is more likely that other residents will be infected. But it hasn’t been tested or confirmed as positive for that purpose. All New Mexicans are told to stay home. Except for going out of the house that are absolutely necessary for health, safety and well-being. These additional restrictions have been enacted to reduce interpersonal contact and to ensure that the spread is reduced. New Mexicans are actively urged to limit travel to the necessities of health, safety and welfare.

The New Mexico Department of Health is actively investigating positive cases. This includes contact tracing and clearance of symptomatic individuals who have been in contact with positive patients.

All New Mexicans must work together to stop the spread of COVID-19. Stay home, especially if you’re sick. Wear a mask or veil when in public and in front of others.

New Mexicans who report COVID-19 symptoms include fever, cough, trouble breathing, chills, chills, muscle aches, headaches, sore throats, stuffy or runny noses. Nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, and/or loss of taste or smell should immediately call your health care provider or the NMDOH COVID-19 hotline (1-855-600-3453).

The Department of Health recommends that the following groups be tested:

People with symptoms showing symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, trouble breathing, chills, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose. Nausea or vomiting, diarrhea and/or loss of taste or smell;

· Asymptomatic persons in close contact or family members at the time of infection who have tested positive for coronavirus

· Asymptomatic persons who live or work in community settings, such as long-term care centers and village homes.

· Patients scheduled for surgery and their service providers recommend that they come in for a checkup before the procedure.

New Mexicans with non-health questions or concerns can call 833-551-0518 or go to newmexico.gov. It is being updated regularly as a one-stop resource for families, workers and others who are affected and seeking more information. Information about COVID-19



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The Department of Health works to promote health and well-being. improve health outcomes and serve all new Mexicans. As New Mexico’s largest government agency, DOH provides public health services in 33 counties and collaborates with 23 Native American tribes, Pueblo and countries.

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