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New Mexico may customize the Red to Green Framework.

Dr David Arskrez, Cabinet Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services, said the state was looking at ways to include the number of people vaccinated.

“We are having a broad discussion about how we can create vaccination rates to help move counties along or keep them in the green or turquoise or whatever. These are therefore part of a larger discussion about the red, yellow, green screening criteria. And some bridges – if you need them – to end the epidemic, ”said Dr Skres.

New Mexico remains the nation’s leader in vaccination.

Government officials say 50% of new Mexicans aged 1

6 and over have received at least the first shot.

Dr. Tracy Collins, Cabinet Secretary for the Department of Health, said the state would be in touch with those who missed vaccination appointments.

“If you’ve been invited and are unable to attend your appointment, you’ll be invited again,” she said. 1-800-432-2080, that is, 1-800-432-2080 Which supports registration scheduling “

New Mexico is closely monitoring various strains of the novel coronavirus that spread rapidly in the southwestern area of ​​the county.

Scrase said New Mexico has seen 39 cases of the variant in the UK and no cases of the variant from Brazil or South Africa.

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