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New Nintendo Switch Pro listings found on Amazon

By Dom Peppiat
30 May 2021 17:04 GMT

product list for New Nintendo Switch Pro A brief appearance in Amazon Mexico has sparked rumors that the Japanese platform owner will soon be announcing new hardware.

Twitter user Alphabeat responded to the popular game Wario 64 Twitter account with a screenshot supposedly from Amazon Mexico showing a blank listing for a console called the New Nintendo Switch Pro (thanks VGC).

The list has been deleted. Could this be just a placeholder page, or has someone at Amazon Mexico accidentally revealed more than they should have touched too soon? For what it’s worth, we̵

7;ve seen Amazon Mexico share images and pre-products – the existence of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy comes from a retailer. Like the list of Luigi’s Mansion 3

Of course, Nintendo hasn’t officially announced the new Nintendo Switch at all.

earlier this week We’ve seen a new report suggesting that the next-gen Nintendo Switch will begin production in July 2021 and will be released in September.

The information in this report is consistent with previous guidance that the new Switch will use a 7-inch, 720p rugged OLED panel, which is based on the current Switch’s 6.2-inch LCD screen, and will be able to deliver 4K graphics when connected. to the TV

We’ve been hearing reports about the new switch layout for a while now. (With rumors of a hardware refresh starting in 2018) Nintendo has remained silent about the next Switch generation, although it looks like we might be launching it soon if things slip.

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