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New non-hormonal contraceptive gel enters anxiety “Health Culture” Over Hormonal Contraception

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A new type of contraceptive product called Phexxi is a non-hormonal contraceptive gel That hopes to appeal to a group of women looking for a non-hormonal birth control method. Phexxi’s ideal target audience is “women who use condoms. Use the pull-out method and hope for the best. or women who use natural family planning methods.” Erin Turner saidbrand manager at Evofem—the company that manufactures Phexxi.

although New York Times Description of Evofem office Sounds like hell in the girl version. (Pink Joan of Arc and the cup with the phrase “Enemy Tears” is involved) Phexxi, as the product seems to be useful. The product works by changing the pH of the vagina to make it more acidic. unfavorable for sperm. With general use Phexxi is all about 86% effectiveThis is in the same range as other birth control options. Condoms have a normal efficacy rate of 87%, while the diaphragm has an 83% rate, and the drug is effective 93% of the time.

Since Phexxi was released last September, Evofem has released a report. Approximately 17,280 prescriptionsIn context, it is estimated that 8.6 million women in the United States have undergone a vasectomy. and another 6.6 million good citizens are on birth control pills. This means that Evofem still has a long way to go before it can be considered a more common method. of contraception Evofem is currently being tested with the Phexxi as formulation. protection method for STDs with chlamydia and gonorrhea which must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration But it may increase the audience of your product.

The language used by Evofem CEO Saundra Pelletier and other Evofem employees suggests part of the reasoning behind it. Creating Phexxi It’s the latest craze. Hate associated with “health” with hormonal control methods (Another valuable use of Phexxi is as a contraceptive option for those who have been told not to use hormonal contraception, such as those with breast cancer.)

in spite of the general lack of scientific evidence It supports the belief that the majority of cis women experience more serious side effects to hormonal birth control methods. visible sis women’s trend vaguely claim to feel and “Clearer“When I stopped taking birth control pills, however, movement cannot be separated from broader capitalist goals of the wellness movement, which ultimately uses the concept of How to solve “natural” problems with real or artificial? health concernsS to sell goods and services to help them “Stay clean” while remaining be vague on what is being done we “Not feeling well”.

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