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New Pokémon Snap – How to hide behind a waterfall


There are many twists, turns and options in New Pokémon Snap But few are as confusing as it gets. Behind the waterfall In Founja Jungle, in order to do it, you need to move a lepard. But just saying it’s easy Playing in the game can be difficult and a little confusing, especially if you didn’t play the first game and understand how all of this works. So to help, here’s how to move the Liepard and how to get into it after the waterfall in New Pokémon Snap.

How to move a Liepard

There are two main steps to getting behind a waterfall in New Pokémon Snap, the first being to move the Liepard off the other path that will take you there. May seem easy But you actually need a Melody device. This allows you to play songs for Pokemon, where they will react in a unique way. To do this, you need to reach research level 2 in both phases, Founja Jungle, so please refer to this guide if you need help there.

Once you have Melody, come back here and return to Liepard.Press R to play Melody and Pikipeks will fly away, throwing fruit at them if they don’t. When shooting, you can shoot, and the lepard should follow them, offering an open area that will allow you to take an alternate path behind the waterfall.

How to go after the waterfall?

As the lepard got out of the way, the rest was pretty easy and convenient. To hide behind a waterfall in New Pokémon Snap, all you have to do now is scan the question mark icon that appears where Liepard has been resting.This will open a new path for NEO-ONE that will lead behind the waterfall and toward the goal. Your maximum

And that’s how the Liepard moves and how it goes behind the waterfall in New Pokémon Snap.

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