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New ‘Squad’ member Cori Bush booed in house after calling Trump ‘White supremacist in Chief’

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., Drew mixed reactions from her colleagues on Capitol Hill on Wednesday after calling President Trump the supreme leader of white people as she spoke during the litigation to impeach him. A second time

Bush, who is also a member of the chamber’s progressive “Squad” – said the “white chiefs” needed to be indicted after inciting last week’s riots, comments that appeared to have raised some boos from lawmakers. people

“The 117th Congress must understand that we have the power to make legislation to protect the lives of black people,” Bush said on the floor. “The first step in that process is to eliminate white supremacy, starting with the prosecution of white supremacy,”

; Bush said.

The PANIC button was torn from the ‘SQUAD’ member office before the CAPITOL RIOT, the assistant said.

Bush defended her stance on Wednesday by asking in a Twitter post what it means when black women were hailed for condemning white supremacy.

Bush’s comments come a week after Trump supporters blockade Capitol Hill in an effort to thwart the endorsement of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump’s rhetoric has been blamed by some Democrats and Republicans for inciting violent riots that have resulted in the deaths of several, including the deaths of a police officer. parliament

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The House began litigation on Wednesday morning and the move was approved in 232-1997.

The prosecution is expected to not be pursued by the Senate until President Joe Biden is inaugurated.

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