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New trailers: Roadrunner, Black Widow, Reminiscence

hit this morning that there is no new episode Mare of East Town It’s this evening and I’m a little sad, but wow, it’s really an Emmys finale for Kate Winslet and Julianne Nicholson, please (and be sure to read Sophie Gilbert’s excellent analysis on Atlantic (which women and mothers are centered on in this great series) I do. not Accurately predicting who the killer is (but ICYMI Stephen King does and don’t click that link if you haven’t watched the ending because obvs spoilers). This is all to say I’m in the market for the show. new so i just started Hacks and can̵

7;t wait Loki premieres on wednesday

Theme (accidentally) for this week’s trailer: Memories and nostalgia.


This 2018 documentary about Anthony Bourdain, who died of suicide, is “narrated” by Bourdain himself, using a mix of unused footage and archives. An example that illustrates Bourdain’s rise from “The Unknown Chef” to the world’s best-selling author and TV host. It was a sad story, and many shots remained on Bourdain’s face as he deepened his thoughts. or at least focus elsewhere. It reminds me of an example for Won’t you be my neighbor?2018 documentary about the late Fred Rogers. (And reminds me of the differences and similarities between the two men), which makes sense because of both. Roadrunner and neighbor Directed by Oscar-winning Morgan Neville. really waiting for this Roadrunner It hits theaters on July 16.

black widow

If you feel like you’ve been waiting for a long time black widow, That’s because we have: The first trailer was released in December 2019. This latest trailer (teaser, I don’t even know, exactly 1 minute long) is titled “Playmaker” and features some scenes we’ve seen before. Example with some action sequences (But no clue who plays Taskmaster) Scarlett Johansson (obvs), Florence Pugh, David Harbour, Rachel Weisz, OT Fagbenle, William Hurt and Ray Winstone starring. black widow Which finally arrives at Disney Plus (with Premier Access) and in theaters on July 9.


Hugh Jackman plays a “private mind investigator” who gives clients access to lost memories in a dire future. And one day a mysterious woman walks into his office—you must be lost. Westworld Co-creator Lisa Joy writes and directs. memory And the trailer has the terrifying/”bringing you back online” feel of the show, with Thandiwe Newton in the lead roles, Rebecca Ferguson and Daniel Wu also joining in. memoryIt will hit theaters and HBO Max on August 20.


Continued with the trend, “Every show with the slightest nostalgia attached needs a streaming reunion and/or reboot,” a show about teenagers whose web shows return with most of the original cast. Jennette McCurdy famously opted out of playing the role of Sam, Carly’s best friend.) Hearing Spencer (Jerry Trainer) say “damn” and offering Freddy (Nathan Cress) a beer. ) shake me a little But the trailer reminds us that they’re “grown up” (not in a jukebox anymore). Miranda Cosgrove reprises her role as Carly in the all-new. iCarly The series will premiere on June 17 at Paramount Plus.

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