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New York Jets GM Joe Douglas says choosing a financial figure informed the decision to trade Sam Darnold.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ – Describes the biggest trade in his two-year tenure.Joe Douglas General Manager of New York Jets said the decision to manage quarterback Sam Darnold was based on two factors: position, draft and finance.

“I think it’s safe to say that if we chose later, we wouldn’t talk about it right now,” Douglas told reporters Tuesday on Zoom. “We are totally comfortable going forward with Sam.”

The Jets picked second in the NFL April 29 draft, swapping Darnold to the Carolina Panthers for a three-draft pick – sixth-round pick in 2021 and second and fourth in 2022.

At second place, the Jets are expected to pick BYU defender Zach Wilson.

Douglas overlooked the possibility of options trading. He admitted to the obvious, saying they were locked up as defenders. But he won̵

7;t say which one is insisting that the final decision is yet to be made.

“We feel really good about the overall draft class and the quarterback class in particular,” Douglas said.

That’s a big factor, the source said.

The second pick in the draft will include a four-year, $ 35 million contract, guaranteed in full, a fixed cost that will allow for financial flexibility over the years to come.Meanwhile, Darnold is slated to count $ 9.8 million. In the final year of his rookie contract The jets could take up his fifth year 2022 option, but the cost would be $ 18.9 million.

It would be $ 28.7 million for two years, compared to $ 35 million for four. It also has a maximum value of $ 5 million for Darnold trading.

Although Douglas is a complimentary Darnold, the organization believes it will find an upgrade with second choice Darnold, the third overall overall draft in 2018, did not live up to expectations and was the league’s lowest scoring in the range. Three seasons ago

Douglas admitted that the jets couldn’t help Darnold enough, saying they had to do a better job of encircling the next defender with their abilities.

The team joked with the idea of ​​keeping Darnold and pairing him with rookie Douglas insisted. The jets eventually decided it would be a distraction.

In the end, that’s not the best situation for Sam, for a rookie defender, for a coach. [Robert] Saleh and his staff and the locker room Douglas said, “We feel this is the best decision for the entire organization moving forward by hitting the reset button.”

Douglas said he had done “Chat with a lot of teams”, including the Panthers, about the second pick. But he will not describe the nature of those conversations in a meaningful way.

The plan is to stay at 2 and choose a defender If not upset, it would be Wilson. If they chose in the range 12 to 14, they would go with Darnold, GM said.

“It depends on our decision. [Monday]Douglas said. “You can see the direction we are headed.”

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