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NEW YORK Times: Intelligence officials say evidence of the origin of COVID-19 has not been used.

The documents refer to senior management officials who have opted not to detail new evidence or computational analyzes that need to be done. The disclosures raised questions about whether the government had fully examined the available intelligence and public health information to look for the virus.

It also happened when the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released an unusual public statement on Thursday about the state of intelligence gathering for the origin of the epidemic, publishing agencies within the intelligence agency on whether the virus. Run away from a Chinese lab or come naturally.

ODNI spokesman Amanda Schoch reiterated what Biden said on Wednesday that there were differing opinions between different intelligence agencies and the level of confidence in the theory.

Executive officials told the Times the White House wants US allies to be more actively involved in investigating the possibility of the virus developing in a Chinese laboratory, a situation that was previously considered likely. Less than

The investigation has not reached a stalemate, a senior Biden executive officer told the newspaper, adding it would now use federal scientific resources, including national laboratories, previously untouched.

Biden’s order on Wednesday, in the same week as US intelligence reports, found that several researchers at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology fell ill in November 2019 and required hospitalization. It provides new details on the severity of symptoms that may continue to fuel. Discussion about the origins of the epidemic, according to two people briefed on intelligence.

The State Department fact sheet released by the Trump administration in January said researchers fell ill in the fall of 2019 but did not say they were hospitalized. China reported to the World Health Organization that the first case of COVID-like illness was recorded in Wuhan on December 8, 2019.

Biden executive officials told the Times that if the new investigation did not provide an explanation, it could be because of China’s confusion. Current officials told the Times that the main focus of the new inquiry will be to increase the readiness of future pandemic epidemics, and that administration officials think the new intelligence effort, combined with China that mislead the WHO, will provide an opportunity to More intelligence sharing and teamwork

Executive officials and intelligence agencies told the Times that tracking the virus began not only requires effort from scientists. But must also rely on a spy Senior officials have told the spy agency that their scientifically-focused team will play a big part in the process after several months of working on the matter.

Current and past intelligence officials told the Times they suspected communication would be found to be evidence of the lab’s leak.

One official told the newspaper that the coalition had shared intelligence since the start of the epidemic with Britain, among those considering questionable laboratory leak theories, while others, such as Australia, had proven to be. More friendly

Biden said in a statement on Wednesday that in March he had instructed his National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to assign the intelligence community a report on the analysis. The origins of the most modern pandemic include the aforementioned virus? Caused by human contact with infected animals or from accidents in a laboratory The president said he received the report earlier this month and asked for further monitoring.

“As of today, US intelligence agencies have ‘Gather two probable scenarios’, but no solid conclusions have been drawn to this question.These are their current positions:’ while two components in the IC are biased towards past situations, and the other is biased. Going more than to the back – each with low or moderate confidence – most components don’t believe there is enough information to assess whether there is a greater likelihood than the other, ” Biden said in a statement.

That is the same public commitment that the intelligence community has had for over a year on the origins of Covid-19, although Wednesday’s statement made it clear that both of these situations were “promising” and not just investigations. CNN reported in April 2020 that intelligence agencies are investigating whether the new coronavirus is spread from Chinese laboratories and not on the market in Wuhan, China. The Chinese government has confirmed that the virus originated and spread naturally.

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