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New York Yankees fans bring inflatable bins, costumes, and more to their first congratulations on the Houston Astros.

Many New York Yankees fans spent a hard time searching for stores to express their anger at the Houston Astros waste destruction program. On Tuesday night, Houston traveled to the Bronx for the first time since the scandalous news.Fans finally got the chance to get the cheers of the 2017 World Series champions.

Here are some of the stories behind the signs and sights from fans who can finally express the indignation that has boiled over the past year in the quarantine. It didn’t hurt that New York won 7-3.

“New York never forgets”

Jack Turner (pictured left): “They left without fans last year. But tonight New York is coming out, New York will never forget. “

Jack Genesi: “It’s a collective hatred for the Astros and of course it goes deeper into the integrity of the game, they affect a lot of players outside of them cheating. It’s deeper than winning the World Series. We take the trash lid.” At them Removed it in the game because they said it could be used as a weapon. ”

“We want to beat the cheaters”

Heano boy: “It’s plastic. [the trash can necklace] And safety given me there That’s what they are doing when receiving signals when they’re playing, so we want to show that we can send signals as well. I come here every night and every game. But I definitely have to be here tonight because we want to beat the cheaters. We got them from the shop that sold them. I got it at some places in the Bronx. Some women have it for me. “

“I’ve been waiting to play this game for over a year and a half.”



A Yankee fan who is obsessed with Oscar The Grosh with a trash can so he can fight it while Astros hits the ball. Sadly, football fans are not allowed to wear stadium attire.

David Taub (pictured in the center, signing up): The costume came from Amazon for about $ 90 and I was able to pre-order and return it three weeks, so I pre-ordered it first. I’ve had this game in my pen for a long time since the schedule came out. Been looking forward to playing this game for over a year and a half already waiting for the Astros to come.

“I’m waiting in line and they have a new policy coming today. I’m actually here. On Sunday, I show my manager a picture. [of the costume] And he said I can bring it. I pay a lot of money for the costumes. I came in today and they said they have a new policy and they are not allowed to wear the dress and they got me out of line and removed. Now it’s hiding in the grass. I hid it somewhere around the stadium. “

“She’s an MVP … She sneaked in”

Betsy Rivera: “We really sneaked in, I had to put it in my waist trainer, I had to take off my waist trainer, put it back on, put on my waist trainer and go to the bathroom, take off my waist trainer, and reflect not one time.” But twice, he has to take it back, and before the end of the game we’ll blow it back one last time and show the Astros we are the winners. ”

Alvin Aquino: “The first time they told us we had to deflate it or else they would fire us out of the ballpark, the second time I went for a drink and she blew it up. I came back and the security guard told us. Many times We can’t do that, my boyfriend is a fanatic, insane Yankee, the security brought the manager, we got it back and they told us to collapse it in front of him. She’s the MVP … she sneaked in. ”

Rivera: “They can’t tell me anything. I can get pregnant. But I’m not that fat. “

Not here: “I wish I brought my Altuve because I wanted someone else to throw it there.”

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