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New York Yankees news: disaster of Yankees injury

Yahoo Sports | Hannah Keyser: As shocking as the Yankees’ COVID-19 outbreak this week, surely for many, some experts say the situation shouldn’t be too surprising Keyser spoke to. A handful of scientists explain that when you have a large group of people who interact more closely, especially people who get a less effective vaccine than commercially available, it is certainly possible that when given. The introduction to the virus, some members of The group will become infected They all emphasized the fact that vaccines are doing a vital job, keeping Yankees infections as low as possible.

CBS Sports | Mike Axisa: In case you missed it, Aaron Hicks could have been out for a while with a wrist injury. At first, the Yankees didn̵

7;t announce a clear path for Hicks, as he could come back after a few more days of rest, hit IL for a short time, or underwent surgery. “I think it could go either way. “Aaron Bone said this was a relevant development, especially as Hicks showed signs of releasing a slump during his debut. The team promoted Estevan Floriel to Triple-A; Perhaps the club will want to understand if Florial is ready for a role as a Major League defensive midfielder.

NJ.com | Randy Miller: Giancarlo Stanton had scratches from last night’s game in Baltimore due to the density of the left quad. This wasn’t Stanton’s first quadriceps problem, although it was his proper quad that got him in trouble during the 2019 ALCS, the Yankees had to hope this was a minor thing for Stanton. Miller, however, know the Yankees can pull Gleyber Torres back sooner rather than later, which could be important if Stanton’s absence stretches more than a few days.

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