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Newer Macs can use another Mac as an external display on macOS Monterey.

One of the key new features of macOS Monterey is the ability to AirPlay content to a Mac from other Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or another Mac. According to the macOS Monterey features page, AirPlay to Mac works either wirelessly or wired by Use a USB cable by Apple. Note that a wired connection is useful when you want to ensure there is no latency or inaccessibility of a Wi-Fi connection.

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AirPlay to Mac also allows users to extend or mirror the display of an Apple device to a Mac, and we’ve confirmed that it works on a Mac-to-Mac basis. This allows a supported Mac to use another Mac as a display. And with AirPlay to Mac that works either wirelessly or over a wired connection, Apple is one step closer to resurrecting Target Display mode. This allows the 2009 to 2014 iMac to act as Another Mac’s external display

It’s worth noting that these new AirPlay features don’t completely replace Target Display mode. Because we’ve been told that AirPlay compresses videos sent from one Mac to another. And at least there might be some latency.

Starting with macOS Monterey, supported Macs also function as the audio source for AirPlay 2 speakers, allowing users to wirelessly stream music or podcasts from Apple devices to their Macs, or use their computers as secondary speakers for audio. multi-room

AirPlay to Mac works with 2018 or later MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, 2019 iMac or Mac Pro, 2020 iMac Pro, and Mac mini.

macOS Monterey is now available in developer beta. The public beta will follow in July. The software update is likely to be released to the public for all compatible Macs in late September through early November.

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