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Apple’s AirTag item tracker is reasonably priced, small and already handy. (I have one attached to my keys and slipped into my purse.) However, they need some kind of extra peripherals for them to attach to things. Yes, there are key chains and formal items. (Cheaper and unofficial) but not having a keyhole is frustrating. Can I do it myself and drill holes?

According to the latest iFixit teardown, yes, it explains how you can drill holes in the AirTag, be sure to remove the battery first. Naturally, that also removed the unmodified AirTag’s water resistance. Accuracy is also important, otherwise you could easily crush the finely packed electronics inside.

– Mat Smith

Same as tesla

The next morning


Do you know what’s hot right now? Design Your Own Chip, Apple does, just like Tesla, VW now wants automakers to design their own high-performance chips for autonomous cars, and even if they don’t build their own chips. But it wants to own the patent.VW has plenty of time to figure out the chip architecture: The company doesn’t expect to sell its self-driving cars until 2025, if not later. Read on.

Elon Musk’s company has yet to ship the product.

Neuralink co-founder Max Hodak quietly left the company a few weeks ago. He didn’t say why he left the mechanical interface company. But said he still is “Big cheerleader” for the job of his former employer. This doesn’t necessarily mean the company is in trouble, but Hodak’s exit could complicate efforts to translate Neuralink’s work into a practical product, and we haven’t seen the product yet, even if the monkeys can play ping-pong. Read on.

This arrangement could be a boon for people with diabetes.

The next morning


The long-standing rumor of an Apple Watch with a blood sugar check won’t go away. Was the last nod that it really accomplished? Rockley Photonics, the UK health technology company, recently confirmed in an SEC filing that Apple was the largest customer in the past two years and has continued deals on future product developments. Rockley’s focus is on sensors that track blood sugar, pressure, and even alcohol levels. Don’t expect anything too soon: Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring remains a major challenge.Read on.

It has almost twice the maximum output. But only in some cases

Tesla is mocking an upgraded version of the Powerwall called Powerwall + in a post on Reddit, found by ElectrekOne user posted a spec sheet of the battery along with a photo of what it will look like when installed. The battery capacity of the upgraded version is still 13.5kWh, but the maximum output power is 9.6kW, an increase from continuous 5kW and the maximum output of 7kW. That boost is only possible when you are in off-grid mode. Read on.

A great witness claims Apple’s App Store profits are up to 78 percent.

Apple does not agree.

Epic Games is using a lawsuit against Apple to accuse the iPhone maker of extraordinarily greed. Expert witness Eric Barns testified that Apple expects an App Store operating margin of 77.8 percent in 2019, up from 74.9 percent in 2018. The profit could not be calculated.Apple unsurprisingly disagreed and said the margin calculation was wrong based on the feedback it received. The VergeThere are plans to fight allegations in the trial. Read on.

But wait, there’s more …

SpaceX Crew-1 mission breaks the record for the life of a spacecraft.

Facebook and Instagram use iOS announcements to sell you followers on their app.

Harvard scientists create gene editing tools that can compete with CRISPR.

Does Microsoft sided with Epic over Apple?

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