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The second day of CES, after a lot of news from enthusiasts AMD and NVIDIA, culminated with the finalists announced for the Best of CES 2021 award.

The best of CES

As we know in the whole summary, we’re not sure how this year’s CES will come out, both online only and in the midst of the epidemic. However, our online briefing and review led to the nominees in 1

4 categories and heated discussion in private messages and video conferencing. Who knew we were obsessed with laptops? (We do.)

From the best wearables to cutting edge shipping announcements, see all the finalists here. They’re a combination of heavy hitters like Samsung and Intel and smaller teams like Wearable Devices Ltd (I wonder what they built…) and Vanguard Industries’ furry creation.

While we are finally deciding on the winner, you can have your own words of the People’s Choice Award, vote here. The survey will close before today’s awards ceremony at 4:30 p.m. ET.

– Mat Smith

With Vizio selling fewer OLEDs, LG seems to be responding.


Buried in LG’s CES 2021 presentation. Forbes Pointed out, the company announced a new line of OLED TV products.The A1 series will be a cheaper option than the C1 (pictured above) and B1 models, but potential buyers should be aware of some of the features they will lose. Lost compared to more expensive models

We don’t have a price yet for 2021 TVs, but no 120Hz display, no variable refresh rate, and no HDMI 2.1.We expect them to still have the incredible black levels and contrast ratios we’ve come to expect from OLED. Therefore, it is more suitable for movie lovers on a budget than owners of newer consoles who want to choose everything possible. Feature box
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Quantum Operation Inc’s prototype could be a big deal if it actually worked.

Glucose Meter

1 in 10 Americans has diabetes. To maintain their health, people with diabetes need to have regular finger prick blood tests or wear an implanted glucose meter. One startup claims the new prototype can track blood sugar without a needle.

Quantum Operation Inc, showcased at CES, said the wearable prototype was able to accurately measure blood sugar levels from the wrist. A small spectrometer is used, which scans the blood to measure glucose levels. The wearer simply moves the watch and activates the app from the menu and after about 20 seconds the watch will have a blood glucose reading.
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And a gaming chair with an OLED screen surrounded

Razer mask concept

Sometimes Razer loves to stupidly at CES by announcing ideas that have never been brought to the real world this year.Project Hazel is a timely attempt to transform the face of smart masks with Razer-style finishes and Plenty of high-tech upgrades have natural RGB lighting, a transparent front cover to let others see your mouth, and a built-in microphone and speaker that amplifies your sound. Oh, and active ventilation that’s as effective as an N95 mask.

Razer also teased Project Brooklyn, a gaming chair with a large 60-inch curved OLED screen that folds into the back of the seat like a pair of wings. The opportunity for this release is that thin and rollable OLEDs are very expensive.
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Shhh, shhhh


Moflin is an AI pet robot that looks like someone spilled water on the mic boom, the Mogwai Moflin, just like the smoother robot we’ve seen in the past. “Emotional Ability” and Ability to Learn Niche? Oh absolutely But have you ever seen an oval nest where it ‘sleeps’ to recharge? Cute
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