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NFL 2021 results: The Steelers pick Tre Norwood with a seventh round pick.

Entering the 2021 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a lot of drafting needs they need to address. Unlike in 2020 where no preliminary qualifiers in the Steelers draft, there is a full draft allocation. With eight positions selected, the following positions may be viewed as priorities in entering the selection process: running back, center, pass-through and even in linebacker. Those positions and more are essential positions to help Black & Gold take it to the next level in 2021.There is a lot of thought and debate about what the team will do in Round 7 of NFL Draft.

When the dust caught on, the Steelers picked the Oklahoma CB Tre Norwood by picking up the seventh round in the draft.

For those who may not know much about Norwood as a player, here is an overall breakdown of his game, according to his NFL Draft profile:


Despite the late size and ball production But there are too many tapes. (Including the senior bowl) that made his fight appear as it relates to fluidity and toughness in coverage. He lacks recovery speed and open-field athleticism to tackle NFL men’s coverage, but his 2020 experience in safety could open the door for the next level of transposition. He was not asked to do anything more than a basic two-level drop. But he has news reporting experience to adapt to that much more. However, he will have to be stronger and more consistent as a counter-finisher in order to switch up his full-time job opportunities.


  • NFL sizes and frames are available.
  • There is a safety experience and a secret corner behind it.
  • Good passing skills with smooth hands
  • It ended with five interceptions in the past six games.
  • Returned interception for a touchdown against Florida QB Kyle Trask in the Cotton Bowl.
  • Can play an increased role in security
  • Good downhill in the alley running
  • Recognition of romp development and where it is headed
  • Offers a comprehensive kicking and punting experience.


  • Missed 2019 with a knee injury
  • There are problems in phase with the route at the Senior Bowl.
  • Hiccup in the transition from the media
  • When he follows behind him is behind.
  • The acceleration was not found to recover and challenge the path.
  • A lower-than-average format reader.
  • Lack of operational flexibility in recovery through a false reporter process.
  • Failing to balance in supporting downhill runs
  • Grab and drag tools

Pittsburgh Steelers’ draft requirements for the remainder of the draft will now be considered: Punter and other positions.

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