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NFL Draft grade: Detroit Lions CB Ifeatu Melifonwu selection analysis

The Detroit Lions continue to trust their own board with their third-round selection of the Syracuse Cornerback, the Ifeatu Melifonwu Cornerback is not a much-needed position right now. draft But the theme of Day 2 is getting a defensive talent with a sporty nature, and Melivo Vu is definitely a fit for that bill.

Let’s see if this is the right choice for a lion.


The first thing that stands out about the Melifonwu is his athletic profile of 6 ft. 2,205 pounds. He has a stylish, long exterior angled back. However, he moves like a fast angle needed to keep up with the smart receiver. Put it all together and you have a man with great athletic characteristics:

However, the play is not consistent with the athlete̵

7;s profile He did not play too much, despite his towering stature, and at times he was hesitant without the high speed.

His productions at college are everywhere:

Melifonwu, however, played a series of schemes at Syracuse that destroyed the style of “Media presses the back corner” that sometimes he put the wrong label General manager Brad Holmes specifically said it was Melivo Vu’s ability to play off-site, which caught his attention on Friday night.

“The way ‘Iffy’ grows with me in the process is his ability to play off-the-shelf, cover coverage and maneuver in short, in-zone and out-of-zone areas where men are usually long and That big It can’t be done, ”Holmes said.

Talent Grade: C +


Towards Holmes, Melivo Vue was on the Detroit side because his fee was clear and superior to any other player still on the 101 board.Some national media experts agreed this was low. Much more than Melephon Woo had expected.

Dane Brugler: 57 overall chance.
PFF: Grade 2-3

Most telling that this was a very high-value pick was a comparison of where he went (101) to Arif Hasan’s consensus big board, which averaged 70 big boards into one combined board. The committee has Melifonwu as the 56th best prospect in its class this year. In other words, this is a wonderful value.

Value class: A +

The need

In the meantime, the Lions coaching staff spoke to their underdog as Jeff Okudah and Amani Oruwariye started and hope to make progress under new defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, former NFL Pro Bowl-cornerback. Not above the team’s wish list Throw a free agency flyer for Quinton Dunbar, one of the best corner kickers a couple of years ago, and this could be a “luxury” option for many other demanding teams.

Still, it is unclear what the Lions are looking for in the long run that Dunbar can make a big bounce. But he also signed a cheap deal for a reason, both Okudah and Oruwariye struggled hard in 2020 and there was no guarantee they would make progress despite better coaching staff. Not all young players’ trajectory depends on

It was talked about whether Melifonwu could be played safely, or some nickel and Holmes suggested it was possible. But I didn’t buy it. The lions are truly the best players here.

Grade required: D


When you’re in a new build, I have absolutely no problem sticking to your massive board and just getting the best players out there. This team’s No. 1 requirement is talent, and the Lions vie for a man at the end of the third round, most likely expected in Round 2. Fans will understand that some of the team’s most pressing needs are being taken. Avoid, but we’re talking 2021 clubs, you are not drafted for immediate needs, you play long-term games in the draft And while many people hope that their partner Okudah-Oruwariye Will be the outer corner of the future But there is little to suggest that they will be able to do just that on the pitch.

Overall grade: B +

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