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NFL Draft: Hear from anonymous scouts on the Eagles’ 2021 pick and UDFA signing.

One of the things I love to do after each year of NFL Draft is to look back at what the anonymous scout had to say about the players. before They were recruited by the Philadelphia Phillies.

This post contains quotes from many soccer personnel, mainly. Athletic’s annual Bob McGinn’s must-read pre-draft series.There are some quotes made by NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein As well.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what the league’s folks have to say about the 2021 Eagles’ addition to the NFL Draft.

Devanta Smith

Smith is the third receiver to be selected in this year̵

7;s draft, following Ja’Marr Chase teammate Jaylen Waddle and Alabama. McGinn’s poll has put Smith on top of being rated as a player. The second best in his position.

First Scout: “When (Henry) Ruggs and (Jerry) Jeudy came out last year, I said the best footballers were Smith, they were 15, but now I don’t know if DeVonta will reach the top 15 when. There was a push because he was 170 pounds, he was as thin as a Bama, 21 points better than everyone they played. It’s a perfect world and I think life will be a little harder than last year. ”

Second Scout: “I’m not worried about his size. We have (little) men coming up here to kick every butt. Men 190,200 years old on pro days and they’re going to play at 185, 179. They get up here. Their diet has changed The way the rules change, especially where those receivers are no longer getting hit hard is 7-for-7 half-time balls. ”

Third Scout: “If you just pick someone to play football in the backyard, he’ll be the first every year. He’s thin, but he’s very good. He’s healthy. Every year he gets better.”

Fourth Scout: “He’s a really smooth and fluid athlete. Hardly any effort required He was small at 170, but he did not fall. He has not been redirected from the coverage. “

Here is Zierlein’s work:

NFC Area Scout: “He might be a bean pole. But he will not fail He will not fail off the pitch or on the field. Those coaches are crazy about how he is wired and how much football means to him. ”

This is part of why I am so interested in Smith, very talented and productive. and This is what I’m talking about when I’m referencing the BWE (Big Winner Energy). This dude is locked up and wants to win.

Here are Smith’s quotes through Albert Breer we shared over the weekend:

NFC Competitor Management: “We asked everyone in the SEC who was the best player they played with over the past few months. All of them, all said, DeVonta, and the Bamas said, ‘He’s the best footballer I’ve ever been to.’

It’s no surprise to see that the Alabama people think of a player from their own show … but that’s a pretty clear and meaningful statement! No problem, a match for the best Crimson Tide players.


Dickerson is the first center to be selected in this year’s draft. McGinn’s poll made Dickerson ranked as the best player in his position.

First Scout: “If you try to rebuild a culture, he is everything you need. As a person, he is real. He’s just nasty The only problem is the many surgeries he has. “

Second Scout: “He’s a big man in the middle. He has a lot of intangible leadership, strength and all of that. But he has suffered three season-ending injuries in four years. For a team that uses a wide zone plan, he’s not really suitable. “

Third Scout: “Not a very good athlete I don’t like his stiffness. I don’t like this and that But he is the man I want on the team. He’s my type of guy, even though I look at him as an athlete. Fortunately, you won’t be able to work with men. “

Fourth Scout: “It’s a great story … But he is not very good He’s been in pain all his life and he has limitations in sports, is this guy gifted? Not just a man “

The Eagles are a team trying to rebuild the culture, so Dickerson has a reasonable reason for it.

It is interesting to see that scouts are not selling his abilities unanimously. Many say Dickerson only needs to stay healthy, if he is not “special” as Howie Roseman suggests, that’s a big problem.

Here are some more definitive quotes by Zierlein:

NFL executives: “I love him. I know some people in the league think he’s still under the radar. But i wonder so He reminds me of the mountain from ‘Game of Thrones’, great and strong and strong. ”

Any snake in the Eagles locker room will have no chance to meet Dickerson.

William Milton

Williams is the 4th defense player to be selected in this year’s draft. McGinn’s poll made Williams ranked as the sixth-best player in his position.

First Scout: “That’s incredible nonsense. But… he plays like a fitness warrior, not a footballer, limited instincts and blocks recognition. Has been cleared (out) at the point of attack. Has to be moved Limited pass-rush plans and movements “

Second Scout: “Carolina Vernon Butler went from there in the first round (in 2016) and he never did. This kid is better than a butler. He has everything you are looking for. But he doesn’t play hard He blinks, then he plays three or four times, but (after) a workout (pro one) someone has to grab him in a second. ”

Third Scout: “We don’t know where to put him. He’s a late guy, has 5 tricks, he’s a great kid, and if he’s willing to work on it, he has a lot of qualities to develop. He may be the surprise of the class. “

What Williams washed up was something I noticed while watching him more and more. He turned upside down But this is not the finished product we are talking about.

Works of Zierlein:

AFC Area Scout: “He works very well with his hands, which makes his size a problem for me.”


McPhearson is the 18th Cornerback to be elected in this year’s draft. McGinn’s poll made him ranked as the 17th best player in his position.

McGinn doesn’t have any spying words to convey, but he does have McPhearson listed as “Hero is not allowed” from every angle.

Spent three years at Penn State without playing much. But has a degree in labor and employment relations. Moved to Lubbock, Texas, as a graduate and producer, a two-year starter, he had sufficient height / weight / speed (5-foot-11, 193, 4.50), 40 vertical jumps. strong leadership skills and love of the game. He also holds a master’s degree at Texas Tech in interdisciplinary studies.

“Love of the Game” is definitely a theme from this year’s Eagles draft. They want to find players they can trust to do their job better.

Kenny Grainwell

Gainwell is the ninth runner to be selected in this year’s draft. McGinn’s poll places him as the sixth-best player in his position:

First Scout: “He’s like the kid that Dallas competed in the fourth round two years ago – (Tony Pollard) I think he’s better than Tony Pollard.”

Second Scout: “after [Travis] Etienne, he is probably the best receiver. He’s very like Alvin Camara. This guy only got faster. More straight runners “

Third Scout: “Worst thing, he can give you anything as a backup runner and third, he’s slippery. He’s one of those people who can end up being a really good professional. He’ll go in three or four and end up as a starter. ”

Fourth Scout: “I don’t see a guy who can really grab his chest and run through contact, which you have to do unless you can make room for him.”

Alvin Camara is faster ?! Sign up

More from Zierlein:

Director of NFC Snooping: “They have done a really good job of finding a back that works on the broad spectrum they do, but I don’t know if he’ll translate if he doesn’t find a plan to put him in space.”


Tuipulotu is the 13th defensive player selected in this year’s draft. McGinn’s opinion poll places him as the 10th best player in his position:

First Scout: Solving the front nose problem, “True ’50” He’s a big, strong and strong man who brings attitude into your (defensive) line room.

Second Scout: “At Senior Bowl he was on the ground a lot. He danced a lot along the lines. Didn’t show much impetus. “

Third Scout: “Difficult to play, no passing at all Solving the problem of an upright nose “

It seems that MT may be more of a two-player.

More from Zierlein:

AFC West Coast Scout: “He’s going to do the right thing, take a lot of responsibility, and he’s a great teammate.”

Another great addition to the locker room.


Jackson was the 23rd to be enlisted quarterback and he was 28th in McGinn’s election.No spying was reported.

Jacobi Stevens

Stevens was not rated in the McGinn poll.

Patrick Johnson

Johnson was not ranked in the McGinn poll, Zierlein gave him some insight:

Director of Personnel of the AFC: “I like him. He comes to fight every time. But you just wish he could outlast this. “

It will be interesting to see how Jonathan Gannon used Johnson.He was expected to be a 3-4 line runner, but the Eagles made him identified as a 4-3 defensive player.

Non-certified ROOKIE free agent


McGinn’s poll features Newman as QB12. 10 defenders have been selected in this year’s draft.

First Scout: “Wake Forest reminds me of Jordan Love. He’s a great athlete with strong arms. But he is not accurate “

Second Scout: “He said he wasn’t properly prepared to play and be successful. Never entered the field with a coach (Georgia) because of his talent. He can run after the ball. But I don’t sell this kid. “

Newman has a certain talent. It’s up to the Eagles coaching staff to help get something out of him. It would be a big win if he could evolve into a quality substitute.


McGinn’s survey features Awosika as OG11, 13 guards have been selected in this year’s draft.


McGinn’s poll features Grimes as the 36th WR21 elected to this year’s draft.

Jack thief

McGinn’s poll with Stoll as a TE19 11 tight end has been selected in this year’s draft.

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