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NFL insider note: Wink Martindale deserves more boss coaching, the Seahawks can fight to fill more OCs.

This is a funny league sometimes. Especially when it comes to search coaching.

Take, for example, a suspicious case of Ravens defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, the man able to ban coaches.He still maintains a superb defense in Baltimore, albeit a man who isn’t full of pasteurizers – And he is definitely coming out with a masterclass with the coordinators all six teams are looking for. The head coach needs an audience. It’s not a single request for Martindale’s interview. Too strange for me

A year after the Giants spoke with themselves to conclude a deal with Martin Dale to surprise Mississippi instead. (Yes, Mississippi State) may have hired a 38-year-old Special Patriotic Team Coordinator, Joe Judge, and decided to give it. Instead, he̵

7;s working on waiting to see how far the Ravens go in the playoffs. (It turns out they lost in the Divisional round after the Wild Guard.) Martin Dale continues to lead Baltimore to the top defense in a number of key metrics, despite playing several seasons without a good defensive position. The best on the pitch with any consistency due to COVID and injuries, he has strong support from head coach Ravens John Harbaugh and he is ready to take over the NFL.

Alas, it’s clear he’s not this year’s flavor. The defensive tendencies of the ball are becoming less popular than Martin Dale by any means on the slopes at age 57.In fact, his fire, the ability to connect with younger players and His unique teaching style is likely what attracted him to the NFL team, not to mention his ability to call the football game to exert tremendous pressure on opposing defenders despite off-field passes. Has superior mobility He’s aggressive and creative with the Blitz package and perhaps someone interviewed for Smith should have watched the movie for the game on Sunday. This is the first time in two years a young attacking coordinator looks at his age, and he has no answer for a redstone approach that would choke the Titans 2,000 yards running back Derrick Henry.

Considering that the Titans dominated the ball for more than 10 minutes of the first quarter… and 3:59 of the last 45 minutes of the game, Tennessee ran 22 times for 51 yards, almost two-thirds of Henry’s 18 runs ( 11) Going two yards or less, four going to zero or negative yards, and with only two going over five yards (eight lengths), the Titans rolled 121 yards out of 20 play, with 10 points in the first quarter. Martin Dale modified his defense and match-ups, doubled AJ Brown, transforming his late assignments and Tennessee could magically garner just 88 yards in 29 plays. In the last three quarters


Perhaps the highest sign of respect – or a surrender – is that Smith calls for the last two and two plays from Baltimore 40, with 10 minutes playing and just 17-13 trailing. Quarabel was down at four. From Baltimore, 40! Was Martindale’s defense in their heads on the opposite side? On days when they couldn’t run with Henry, there was no truly designed running or boot for Ryan Tannehill, no real depth shots or adjustments that calculated the Titans 5 of 5 in 68 yards and a touchdown thrown until. End the first half and try to pass them all in the second half. The team, like the Titans as recently as last November, put the Ravens in rhythm game on screen. But the Titans’ third side saw a slightly precious ball.

Martin Dale may have had his best time during his Baltimore stint, including his shortage of them. Perhaps a curious owner or general manager would like to know a little more about what was in his game plan and what made him choose. Of course, an easily accessible interview window (this week) has passed and you have to wait until the Ravens lose – or Super Bowl bye week to get an audience from him. But it might be worth the wait.

The fact that none of the teams had rushed into Wednesday afternoon for any “hot” candidate who had participated in the round seemed to be telling. Martin Dale is more ready and deserved.

Carroll’s vision complicates the search for a coordinator.

No matter who is hired as Seahawks’ next offensive coordinator, you have to wonder about the outcome. Clearly, Pete Carroll is more interested in playing football than he has ever been, and that’s a shocking statement when you focus on his career because running the ball is the most important thing.

There is rarely a wiggle room here. Creativity has a small origin to moderation. Brian Schottenheimer. And the speedy process he hired three years ago wasn’t a bold choice or a strong search. But the reach of Schottenheimer Often quite limited, and I finally say what’s the difference between Carroll and his attacker during the season review meeting when it is clear in their philosophy how to correct the offense. How did it go south in the second half of the season? Essentially, the mandate was to find a way to continue smashing the rocks, and the initially unplanned transformation quickly collapsed.

There is, of course, coaching skepticism how interesting the job is, despite having a talent like Russell Wilson to work with. (And those receivers) If I were the Seahawks, I would be in touch with Chiefs quarterback Mike Kafka and Ravens, quarterback coach James Urban and offensive coordinator Clemson Tony Elliott. Finally, to find a way to attack every part of the field through the air and into Wilson’s specific skill set, but it’s fair to say that there is industry skepticism about this search actually taking place that way.

More NFL internal notes

  • I’m glad to see Texans reach out to Leslie Frazier about their opening coaching. It was very surprised that he was not accepted in the first round of interviews and he was qualified for the job.
  • Luke Fickel of the University of Cincinnati is a big name to watch in NFL circles. The team really liked him and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles chased him.
  • Brian Daboll would make a lot of sense for the Chargers.The Bills’ offensive coordinator remains an impression, although Buffalo’s defense has been somewhat diminished and knows he has to score a group to win.
  • Don’t reduce the chances of the Lions taking serious consideration in keeping interim coach Darrell Belle.
  • I am most amazed by the young defense coach Rams Brandon Staley. There are plenty of quality candidates, including Robert Saleh, 49ers, whose Jets are at the top, but the work Staley does and his background with Vic Fangio stands out to me.
  • Most people in the industry expect at least half of the coaching job vacancies to be full by Wednesday, and instead of midday there are actually (seven) more exposure than in the past week. That being said, this is a funny business sometimes.

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