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NFL legal team star Deshaun Watson responded to a sexual misconduct claim against him.

Lawyers for soccer star Deshaun Watson filed a response on Monday to a case of sexual misconduct allegations, rejecting some of the claims from assertions that some women continue to work with Watson after the guys. He said he was acting inappropriate with them.

Twenty-two women have filed a lawsuit against the prominent Houston Texans defender, saying he forced sex with them during a massage in 2020 or early this year.

“These cases consist of misconduct in relation to Mr. Watson’s behavior,” wrote Rusty Hardin, defense attorney, Ashely Solis. Slander “

The plaintiffs initially filed the suit anonymously as Jendo, before the court said the woman had to be identified for the case to proceed. Watson̵

7;s lawyer said, without name, the defenders would have no chance to defend themselves against their claims.

“At least five plaintiffs chose to work with Mr Watson even after they claimed he had acted offensive and aggressive at previous meetings: Erica Chapman, Kaylan Hurrington, Rebecca Nagy, Toi Garner and Chelcie Bell. “Hardin said in the document.

This certainly raises the question of why they would agree to follow-up therapy when claiming that their experience made them feel that they are not. ‘Wanna vomit’ and make them ‘No longer accepting massage clients for fear This kind of harassment is repeated. ”

Hardin also said the plaintiff Tangee Johnson massaged Watson in a session after alleged misconduct against her. And the accuser, Krystle Da Rosa, asked Watson to work, even though he was accused of being inappropriate for her, Hardin.

Houston lawyer Anthony Buzby, who represents all women, said the response contained vague and false allegations.

“As fully anticipated, and despite the attorneys’ earlier statements, Deshaun Watson’s only defense is to call these brave women liars,” Buzbee said.

Watson spent all four seasons of his career in Houston.

He’s thrown at a height of 4,823 yards in the 2020 league and is reportedly asking for a deal and his future is where conjecture doesn’t stop.

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