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NFL playoff predictions: our picks for the divisional round

Few people thought the Los Angeles Rams or the Cleveland Browns could get to this point, and Buffalo Bill was more successful than expected. The Baltimore Ravens are back into controversy, a pair of 40 defenders will face each other in New Orleans and everyone (or should) fear the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The wheat is separated from the chaff, and the divide will narrow things even further.

Here’s a look at this weekend’s NFL playoffs. Unlike in the regular season, the selection is not made with the point spread.

Los Angeles Rams that Green Bay Football, 4:35 p.m. Fox

Line: Packers -6.5 | Total: 45.5

There will be talks about the relationship between Rams coach Sean Mcway and LaFleur football coach Matt LaFleur served as McVay’s offensive coordinator in 2017 and they are. Offensive aides joined Washington officials from 2010 to 2013, they were key figures in the offensive revolution. But if you’re hoping for a high-rated story, you might want to try another game.

Green Bay has been the lead scoring for the NFL with an ever-turning season from Aaron Rodgers that earned him the most valuable player award. His success came with a sprint assist from Aaron Jones (1,459 yards from the fight), Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s vertical threat (20.9 yards per reception) and Davante Adams’ all-rounder. (115 hits, 1,374 yards and 18 touchdowns).

But if there was a team designed to slow the Packers down, it was Rams.

Few defenses have been able to match Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd’s relentless pass run. But the few times he has shown weakness in recent years has come when he’s under pressure. Complicated is the absence of left star David Bactieri, who this season ended with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in Week 16.

Jones could have been neutralized by the seventh-ranked front-seventh Rams in the NFL in running defense – yes, Donald leads there too. Green Bay relies on the threat of a home run. Valdes-Scantling There is a risk due to his propensity to throw the ball away.

That makes for the most compelling match as during a shutdown for Jalen Ramsey and Adams, who managed to create a case as the NFL’s best and most underappreciated receiver today.

“You know me, I want to fight with anyone and be as good as possible for each other,” Adams said this week when asked about Ramsey.

On neutral ground and with equal vitality, this might upset the Rams, but Green Bay fights hard to gain a homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, and that hard work could be the grace of the team. It is expected to be around 30 degrees when kicking starts at Green Bay Vis and Rams defender Jared Goff just a few weeks away from undergoing his thumb throwing. He appears to have struggled with his grip last week and the cold, combined with a good Packers defense, should give Green Bay all the advantages it needs. select: football

Baltimore Ravens that Buffalo Bill, 8:15 p.m. NBC

Line: Bills-2.5 | Total: 50

The Ravens are unbeaten from December 2. The Bills are unbeaten since November 15th, both of them are guilty of weather and defenses that can play game-changing games. And both overcome their mental weight in the wildcard round – Buffalo won their first season since the 1995 season Lamar Jackson of the Ravens won their first playoff game.

There are plenty of reasons to draw on both teams – and the relentless belief that whichever team advances is just registering to lose to Kansas City in the next round. But it’s hard to believe that Buffalo, even at home, could slow down the Baltimore leaders’ run in Games.

When the Ravens hit the “Reset” button after a mid-season lull, the team focused almost all of their attacks on quarterback Lamar Jackson’s run and back-runs by JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards. Baltimore’s 230 yards or so in four of the last five regular season games, including a ridiculous 404, was the fifth-most running yard in NFL history in Week 17’s win over Cincinnati. Stored in the wildcard lap, with Ravens running for 236 yards.

Buffalo is ranked 17th in self-defense this season. But that ranking would deteriorate if teams were not forced to pass to keep up with Bill’s offensive. That shows Buffalo is ranked among the NFL’s six worst running defenses at yards per load (4.6) and allows for touchdowns (21).

The Bills’ defense had a lot of players that could be severely interrupted. But most of them came from the secondary games. On a cold day in Orchard Park, NY Ravens can focus on running after the ball and it’s hard to see the Bills able to stop them. Buffalo’s offense can’t be counted despite defending strong Ravens. But Baltimore should control the clock and the game. select: Crow

Cleveland Browns that Kansas City Chiefs, 3:05 p.m. CBS

Line: Chief-10 | Total: 56.5

For all intents and purposes, Cleveland advanced to the group stage after more than 13 minutes of a wildcard game against Pittsburgh. The playoff game was barely sideways-ahead, with Brown’s defense forcing a quick three turnover and their offensive tackle the deal’s end with a 28-0 lead-up runner. With 1 minute and 56 seconds remaining in the first quarter

Brown’s 48-37 win shouldn’t have been cut by a coincidence – Cleveland had the best team since coach Bill Belichic on his hobby trip in the mid-1990s – but taking advantage. From the mistakes of Ben Roethlisberger That’s different from forcing Patrick Mahomes in some people, so expecting that repetitive fast start would be stupid.

Kansas City could run back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Coming back from a dreadful-looking hip injury in Week 15, although it wasn’t, the combination of Le’Veon Bell and Damien Williams provided enough balance that Mahomes was supposed to destroy Cleveland. Vice with a deep pass to the Tyreek Hill wide receiver and tossed downwards to keep Travis Kelce tight.

The Cleveland crash showed occasionally, last week’s effort was the franchise’s highest-scoring post-season game since the 1977 NFL championship. It’s 1954, and Brown can chew on the clock with a brilliant mix of running back Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, but even Baker Mayfield’s most ardent believers should struggle to get him a one-on-one matchup with Mahomes. Browns are not pushers. But they may not be able to do much to stand in the way of Kansas City. select: chief

Tampa Bay Buccaneers that New Orleans Saints, 6:40 p.m. Fox

Line: Saint-3 | Total: 52

The oldest defender in the AFC playoffs was Baker Mayfield, who didn’t turn 26 until April. Three of the four startups in that conference were the first qualifiers in the 2018 draft, by the time one of the four started games in the NFL, Tom Brady has won five Super Bowls and Drew Brees is. Off Dan Marino’s record on passing career yards

The young players have largely modified their defender positions, using their agility to strengthen their passing while contributing to the explosion of goal scoring. Still, Brady and Breeze, a museum-quality example of a forgotten era of pocket commuters, are seriously leading Super Bowl contestants in the second week of the playoffs.

In fact, the game shouldn’t be dictated only by famous defenders, the Brees Saints have had a lot of offenses this season – running back Alvin Kamara led the NFL with a total of 21 touchdowns, but relied on the same defense that Dennis. Allen, the defense team coordinator built into the power plant.

Tampa Bay has a talented defender as well – the support at the side of the ball has no doubt played a role in Brady’s decision to sign there and in recent weeks the Buccaneers have played a role. Has begun to click on real penetration The team’s many receiving options – receivers Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown; Rob Gronkowski, after all – driven Brady to his best record season since at least 2017 and one of the best of his career.

The regular season meet between these teams is laughable. The Saints won both with a combined 72-26 and they are playing home, which played a role for them, although less impacted by the large crowd the team is allowed to host, the Buccaneers are a good team. It’s enough that they should be respected – in many ways it feels like a gamble – but the Saints are rightly tight favorites in what is possibly the most competitive game on the weekend. select: saint.

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