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NHL banned Tom Wilson for nearly killing Artemi Panarin.

The NHL’s ultimate decision, regardless of and how long Tom Wilson’s suspension for the two-time assault Artemi Panarin, will miss the last three games of the season to the ice after the Wrongdoing in Washington, overturning the head of the face-down and defenseless Pavel Bush Nevich with The punches during the second incident at the Garden on Monday will not reflect Wilson, but instead in the league.

This is not just the bush stuff from this famous chief hunter who was suspended five times in his career. But fearful of how close his first bodyslam of Panarin was, which the Washington winger grabbed a hair to take advantage of. To cause serious damage

If Parin̵

7;s head hit the ice with full force, the NHL could preside over the execution.

This is a reckless thing that has been repeated and re-activated over and over again by the Washington organization. Just as Cap Peter Laviolette shrugged off Wilson’s coach, who knocked Boston’s Brandon Carlo in early March, which left Wilson suspended for seven games. The coach did it again after Monday’s race.

“I think it was just a fight,” Laviolette said after his team’s 6-3 victory where Wilson, who received more than twice as much for the rough and 10-minute misconduct for his inattention, scored a goal. One time “to play something … it happens a lot”

Ironically, it happened a lot when Wilson, who was in the penalty area, got involved. But it’s not funny It’s a league corruption.

Tom Wilson was able to kill Artemipanarin on Monday night.
Tom Wilson was able to kill Artemipanarin on Monday night.
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This is something from the 1970s, things from the era of Broad Street Bullies, things that cannot be tolerated any more. This is the one that most strongly deserves a blame off Sixth Avenue.

Enough is enough.Wilson should be banned for the rest of the season and the playoffs and he should be required to sign up for the league next season. A man with no conscience in hockey was forfeited his right to play.

You are ready, commander.

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