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Nicola Yokic Nuggets Wins 2020-21 NBA MVP

From 41st place to MVP

Nick Kosmider, Denver Author: Jokic’s evolution from an overweight rookie who can barely push one of the NBA’s leaders in a matter of minutes, and the games played is one of the most dramatic parts of his MVP story. The Nuggets push. Each jokic set a new standard in physical fitness. He sent training personnel to Serbia to exercise and help him maintain a healthy diet.

He has steadily increased his skills, which was already impressive when he arrived in the NBA, but his physical transformation was the driving force behind his MVP candidate, a season in which many stars have fallen victim to injuries and fatigue after. shortened armament

How close is the competition?

NBA Senior Writer Sam Amick: We haven̵

7;t seen the final vote yet. But I don’t have this as a particularly close race as Jokic soars to the finish line in the regular season. by taking the nuggets to the finish line strong Even if they lost their running mate in Jamal Murray, it was over.

I had Steph Curry second — but a distant second — with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid and Luka Doncic up next in my vote, but Jokic, who put down historic figures while playing all 72 games and showing the lead at Excellent along the way is a well-deserved winner.

Analysis of the Jokic case

NBA analyst Seth Partnow: As I wrote at the end of April, Jokic has had a strong case both on an overall basis and on a tenure basis. In most single number metrics, Jokic is one of the league leaders in per 100 production. Plus, he plays more than any other top contender, and it’s hard to make a convincing case for anyone.

But this shape or form should not be interpreted as an implicit win for the Jokic. Even in a season that is almost dictated by strange numbers. This Serbian player is still superior. Pairing the scoring brutality discovered in last season’s bubble with his existing status as the best passing big man of all time is one of the most destructive attacking packages in the league. ever seen

How difficult is the center to get MVP in this era?

NBA senior columnist David Aldridge: Just take a look at the list, depending on whether you accept Gregg Popovich in his words, it’s been 19 or 21 years since the center won the league’s MVP.

Tim Duncan was on the power list in his entire career, winning his second MVP award in 2002; Popovic has followed the list throughout Duncan’s career. But it was later learned that this big man was the center of Spurs over the years.

If you’re an absolutist Shaquille O’Neal center that earned the last list in hardware supply in 2000, it’s not just that this is an era where 3-pointers dominate. It is also very difficult for center-dependent positions to stand out when the guards and wings have as many balls in their hands as they do. It takes someone with truly unique skill sets and performance at every level as the Joker to break the mold.

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