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Nike cuts ties with Neymar after refusing to cooperate in a sexual harassment investigation

The sports apparel giant confirmed in a statement to CNN Business on Thursday that its decision was based on allegations Nike employees brought to the company in 2018, an alleged incident in 2016.

Nike (of) It said employees initially wanted to keep the incident a secret, but in 2019 decided to conduct an investigation. Nike said it had hired an independent investigation and retained independent legal counsel for the employee. She chose a consultant and the company paid the cost, Nike said.

“From the start, we have treated the employee’s allegations and her experience with seriousness,” the company said in a statement to CNN Business. Nike did not name employees. And CNN Business generally does not name individuals who claim to have been victims of sexual harassment.

Nike said the investigation It was “inconclusive”

; and added that “it would be inappropriate for Nike to make an allegation without supporting the facts.”

But the company added that it had ended its relationship with Neymar. “Because he refused to cooperate in the investigation of credible allegations of employees.”

Neymar’s representative Dayane Crespo told CNN Business that the Paris Saint-Germain player Denied the allegations and added that his relationship with Nike ended “for commercial reasons.”

“Neymar Junior will vigorously defend himself against unreasonable attacks. If there are any allegations which has not happened until now,” the representative added. “It’s quite strange that a lawsuit, supposedly in 2016, with allegations of Nike employees appearing only now.”

Neymar da Silva Santos, Neymar’s father also denied the latest allegations against his son in an interview with Brazil’s Floha de Sao Paulo newspaper. “We are very surprised” and “Neymar doesn’t even know the woman.” CNN Business reached out to his father for comment.

News of the alleged incident in 2016 and Nike’s reasons for ending ties with Neymar It was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

A Wall Street Journal report reveals the end of a 15-year partnership between Neymar and Nike. The departure of the Nike athlete was revealed at the end of last summer. Around the same time Puma announced that it had signed him, Puma did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Neymar was previously accused of rape by a Brazilian woman in 2019, although he vehemently denied all of his allegations.

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