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Nikon unveils retro-inspired Z fc 20.9MP crop sensor camera

Nikon has announced the Z fc, a DX (crop sensor) format camera that combines the latest mirrorless technology with vintage design and “manual” functionality. Light, which Nikon argues makes for a great “everyday” system.

Nikon’s new mirrorless system features a heritage-inspired design that should appeal to those who desire classic analog controls that work by today’s standards. The company says the Z fc is designed to be a completely modern digital camera that will be fun for everything from street photography. Self-portraits, vlogs, or even 4K UHD video production.

In addition to this new camera body, Nikon has also announced two new “stylized” lenses to complement the compact design and aesthetics of the camera.

“The Z fc is the kind of camera that many people have been waiting for and only Nikon has been able to make. Ultra-thin body But it also offers excellent picture quality and features. with outstanding style and precise tactile controls,” said Jay Vannatter, Nikon Executive Vice President. “It’s a joy to carry and use for street photography, streaming, or just living here and there. now It is no coincidence that we have launched a range of compact lenses alongside the camera to perfectly complement the iconic beauty.”

Classic design, Z Series technology

Embracing both the legacy and future plans, Nikon says the Z fc is an outstandingly designed camera that effectively keeps up while serving as a reminder to appreciate the time.

With a “outstanding” design inspired by the Nikon FM2 Film SLR, the Z fc offers photographers an analogue touch dial. as well as a satisfying click for precise control in a small and compact body.

The body is made from magnesium alloy and wrapped in leather-tone material, which Nikon says gives it a premium feel. Additionally, the company has added black and satin silver elements to blend in with that classic styling. again But there are some functionalities that improve dust and drip resistance. The system also features an engraved aluminum dial, engraved characters and a circular viewfinder around the electronic viewfinder (EVF) that measures 0.39 inch (0.99 cm) and features a 2.36 m (XGA) OLED screen with balanced color and level seven manual brightness control

New to this system for Nikon is a “Vari-Angle” touchscreen LCD that flips out to face the user and automatically adjusts self-portraits when used on a tripod or held at waist level. There is one SD card slot.

for image processing The camera has a 20.9-megapixel CMOS sensor, paired with the familiar EXPEED 6 engine, which allows continuous shooting at up to 11 frames per second. The company says the Z fc has a 200-point hybrid autofocus system that senses about 87 percent of the frame horizontally and 85 percent vertically. The system also features fast eye-detection autofocus for people and animals. It is now available in Wide-area AF (L) mode.

The Nikon Z fc is also capable of shooting in 4K resolution with focus that the company says. “Fast and smooth” with full-time AF that locks eyes and faces into the frame. Slow motion can be easily created with the 1080p/120p settings or the in-camera 4x/5x slow motion mode. The Z fc also has a built-in interval timer that allows creating time lapses. 4K is possible. When connected via USB-C, the camera is powered. This makes it possible to control the camera continuously. which is suitable for streaming video production Creating time lapses and more Nikon Webcam Utility is available as a free download for users of Z fc and many other Nikon cameras.

The camera has a dedicated ISO dial that ranges from 100 to 51,200 (and expandable to 204,800).

Although the system uses the classic “manual” design, the Z fc can operate in fully automatic mode. including the exposure compensation dial in automatic mode that allows users to quickly adjust brightness levels for a customized look as well as access to 20″ ” picture controls that add a creative or dramatic effect to photos and videos.

In addition to retro black and silver, Z fc is available in 6 different colors to match your personal style: white, coral pink, mint green, sand beige, amber brown. and natural gray

Below is a series of sample images shot with the Z fc provided by Nikon.

The Nikon Z fc will be available in black and silver. Starting at the end of July 2021 in a variety of kits. It goes for $960 body only, or pairs it with a silver NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR for $1,100, and a color NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens. Silver will be available separately from the end of July for $300.

The special edition NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE) will be available as a set with the Z fc camera for $1,200 starting late July. and sold separately from fall 2021 for 300 SRP.

The six additional color options will be available in limited quantities as a kit with the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR Silver Lens for $1,200 SRP and will be exclusively available through Nikon’s website.

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