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Nikon’s Z FC is a revival of film cameras in mirrorless format.

Nikon is maxing out its retro aesthetic with its latest Z-series mirrorless camera. The company says the new Z FC, with its official “Z fc” format, is specifically designed to evoke FM2 film. An SLR from the 80s with dedicated dials for settings such as shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO.

The approach is similar to the Nikon DF, the retro-style full-frame DSLR that Nikon introduced in 2013, but the DF is considerably larger than the film-inspired camera. The Z FC has a 20.9 million APS-C sensor. Pixels (and of course no SLR mirrors and prisms) means the resulting camera will be much more compact. and looks very close to FM2

Aside from the looks, the Z FC is a sleek camera with specs that are very similar to the Z50. OLED electronic viewfinder, USB-C charging, SnapBridge wireless connectivity, and the capabilities now needed to use as a webcam. Although the camera can shoot fully in manual mode using the dial. It has a switch for PASM operation, and you can check the aperture setting with a small LCD on the top plate.

The native ISO range is 100-51,200, and there’s a hybrid AF system with 209 points in 87 percent of the frame. The video is surprisingly not focused on the Z FC. but can shoot at 4K/30fps

As a Z-Mount Z FC camera, any full-frame lens built into the camera, such as the Z6 and Z7, can be used, but Nikon’s line of DX/APS-C lenses can also take full advantage of the Z FC’s small size. Nikon today announced one new prime lens — 28mm (42mm equivalent) f/2.8 — which will be available as a special edition with a style that makes it look like an older Nikkor D lens. It will launch a silver version of the 16-50mm zoom pancake alongside the Z FC, and it says the 18-140mm DX zoom lens will be available at some point this year.

The ZFC will cost $959.95 body only, $1,099.95 for the silver 16-50mm lens and $1,199.95 for the 28mm lens. All three options will be available in black and silver at the end of July. Nikon is also releasing six special color options, which will be sold through its own website.

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