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Nintendo does not allow partners to work with the Yakuza.

Cosplay Yakuza

Cosplay Yakuza
Photograph: A. YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / AFP via Getty Image (Getty Images)

Going to a promising corporate image like Nintendo takes some sacrifices. Many companies, including those in the entertainment industry, demand some moral concerns. These rules prohibit participants from acting in a manner that the Company finds inappropriate in a way that could harm their products. In general, the more the company cleans the company, the more intense the morality. For example, When Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimmer And several other swimmers have been accused of destroying toilets in a gas station in Rio de Janeiro, the U.S. Olympic Committee and the US swimming team banned Lochte from competing for 10 months. Wanted to have a bathroom in a hot gas station in a swimming pool. But what Nintendo is taking a step further.

Yesterday morning, Stephen Totilo, Axios game correspondent. Tweet Image of Epic Games’ heavily edited contract with Apple’s trial of “Boryokudan” or Anti-Societal Forces. What are those forces? If you guessed the pregnant Luigi fan art, you were wrong, Nintendo banned its Japanese allies working with organized crime such as Yakuza. In addition, the document states that content providers in Japan must not “solicit violence,” “use harassment or transaction-related violence,” or spread “false rumors using fraud or coercion”. Edge-lord Nintendo’s social media has bigger fish to fry, as well as getting the Yakuza out of the mushroom kingdom.

For whom Yakuza Games that are not yet available on the Nintendo platform. IGN Please note that the content provider is not prohibited from making organized crime games, however. Yakuza Executive Director Toshihiro Nagoshi Ever said He doesn’t think Nintendo is the place to be for this game because it’s for kids and teenagers. It was not clear if he knew that many children and teenagers also played violent video games.

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