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Nintendo Switch Pro price end and release date

This week the Nintendo Switch Pro was leaked by the French retailer with information on release date and price. This information takes a grain of salt. Due to the large amount of information on the following consoles has been leaked over the past few weeks. The information provided by this leak suggests that the new device will be launching soon at a slightly higher price than the original console launched.

The original Nintendo Switch retails for 330 Euros in Europe and 300 USD in the US. The latest leak shows that the Nintendo Switch Pro will launch with a price tag close to 400 Euro. That means the Nintendo Switch Pro will launch in the US for around $370.

With the standard price for a product like this, we̵

7;d expect the Nintendo Switch Pro to cost around $350 for the smallest internal storage variant – possibly 64GB, which would bring it to a similar price to the Xbox Series S ($300) and Xbox Series S ($300). PlayStation 5 Digital Edition ($400)

Nintendo Switch Pro leaks from Nintnd’Alerts This week, bringing the price down, Gamerant is suggesting that the Nintendo Switch Pro can be revealed and/or pre-ordered right away… Today, judging by the relative radio silence from Nintendo on this page, it looks like the day the retailer can start. Get more information about an imminent launch than Nintendo will make the device publicly available for pre-order.

So we’ll keep fighting when the Nintendo Switch arrives today, but we won’t bet on it! But it’s more likely we’ll see information on this console by the end of June – just in time for E3 2021!

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