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Nintendo’s unreleased Switch Pro price may have just leaked from retailers.

Nintendo’s next-gen Switch console has been popping up in rumors for a few years now. But the Japanese giants have always shot them down. So far, Switch sales have been great. And sales continued to rise during the pandemic. The hardware refresh doesn̵

7;t appear to be happening, although Sony and Microsoft will use the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X devices to be released in late 2020. Nintendo has given a slight refresh to the Switch and released a handheld Switch Lite that’s going to be released in late 2020. cheaper price The version that goes along with the normal version. But it never confirmed plans to build a Switch Pro.

that will change soon As reported a few days ago, Nintendo is looking forward to mid-June for the Switch Pro announcement, with an event expected ahead of the E3 Switch Pro game conference, supposed to be released sometime in the fall. and is expected to be slightly more expensive than its predecessor. since then We also learned more details about the purported specs coming from the Switch Pro, with the report also suggesting that a release is imminent. In France, it may have just revealed the price of the new console.

As seen in the following tweet, the Switch Pro is expected to cost €399 in France if Boulanger’s inventory screenshots are genuine. The leaker said the console isn’t available on the website, so buyers still can’t. equipment can be ordered

The list doesn’t reveal any further details about the Switch Pro aside from the fact that it’s more expensive than the regular Switch. The first console was released in March 2017 for $299.99. (USA) and €329.99 (Europe)

If the leak is real We are considering a price hike of around €70 for the EU region. We will remind you that EU prices include VAT. So converting the €399 price tag to dollars won’t give you a US price. A Switch Pro price of $349 is probably the most reasonable if this leak is genuine.

Bloomberg’s A report a few days ago said the Pro’s more expensive parts and rising labor costs in China would force Nintendo to raise the prices of the new consoles. The report states that Nintendo plans to sell the more expensive Switch Pro version along with the $199 Switch Lite. The regular Switch will be discontinued when the Pro version launches.

The Switch Pro is expected to have the same overall design and dimensions as the original model. But the console will see some notable upgrades, including a 7-inch OLED display with smaller bezels, a faster Nvidia GPU that supports 4K gaming in connected mode. and a redesigned dock that will include additional USB 3.0 and Ethernet ports.

There are currently no confirmations. And it’s unclear when Nintendo plans to launch the Switch Pro. The company has scheduled a Nintendo Direct event on June 15 as part of E3 2021, but that press conference should be about all the games. Since most tech events are still virtual, Nintendo often surprises fans with separate hardware events from its E3 press conference.

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