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NJ bans sale of urinary prey to stop zombie deer.

Fortunately, I found deer urine for sale in New Jersey soon.

The state is targeting product-based products in an effort to keep zombie deer at bay.

New hunting regulations from the NJ Fish and Wildlife Division prohibit the sale of deer urine, known as natural prey. The updated rules, which took effect May 10, are intended to prevent chronic wasting disease (CWD) from entering the Garden State.

CWD, first discovered in Colorado in 1

960 in captive mule deer herds, is associated with mad cow disease and affects deer, moose and other members of the Cervid family. CWD-infected animals have small holes. In the brain due to abnormal folds of prion and can live for two years without showing symptoms In the days before their death, CWD-sick deer are emaciated and look like zombies.

There is no evidence that CWD can be transmitted to humans.

Natural bait production is not fully regulated, according to DFW.That means no federal or state agency can certify the product is CWD-free.In a letter to retailers, DFW said 17 other states and provinces in Canada included. Pennsylvania has already banned the bait.

“The forces are doing whatever it takes to prevent CWD from entering New Jersey and to protect the long-term health of our deer herd and our deer hunting legacy,” DFW wrote in a new rule announcement published this week.

Synthetic hunting baits are unaffected by rule changes and can still be bought and sold in New Jersey.DFW encourages all hunters to use synthetic products.

The ban on natural bait is not the only new rule aimed at keeping CWD out of state.It also takes effect on May 10.Residents returning from out-of-state hunting will have to destroy it. The meat was harvested before it returned to New Jersey and had to leave the brain, spinal cord and the harvested animal’s lymph nodes behind.

CWD has not yet been recorded in New Jersey, according to DFW, which tested nearly 10,000 deer for the disease in January.Yet CWD was found in 26 states as of this month, according to the National Center for Wildlife Health. In both New York and Pennsylvania

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