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NJ will remove most COVID restrictions May 19 – restaurants, indoor capacity limits have been eliminated. But there is still a rule of social exclusion.

New Jersey will join New York and Connecticut in eliminating several of the largest coronavirus limitations on May 19, including capacity limits at restaurants and outdoor gathering spaces, though indoor masks and rules. Social isolation will remain. But the governor announced Monday morning.

Restaurants, gyms, personal services, theaters, shops, museums and theme parks will be allowed to operate unlimited capacity for the first time in more than a year, although people will still have to wear masks in their homes and will. The group had to be separated by another six feet, said Gov. Phil Murphy in a joint announcement with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont.

“Coordination is important,” Cuomo said Monday during a news conference in New York. “Most capacity restrictions will end in the tri-state area. This is a big new opening. ”


However, the six-foot specification likely means that theaters and other fixed-seat venues won’t be able to use their full performance. Restaurants must be spaced about 6 feet between tables, unless there are physical obstructions that will allow them to sit closer. In addition, seats at the indoor bar are allowed to resume, with the same restrictions on social isolation. In addition, the three states continued to discuss capacity limit changes for stadiums, Cuomo said.

The governor said outdoor gatherings would no longer be restricted. But you have to wear a mask if you can’t stay away from society.

Murphy is expected to have more details during the latest coronavirus briefing in Trenton at 1:00 p.m. He teased that he will have another “major” announcement about the reopening of the state.

The announcement comes nearly 14 months after New Jersey announced its first COVID-19 case, and state numbers continue to improve as vaccinations rise.

More than 3 million people were fully vaccinated in New Jersey as of Monday – about 45% of the 6.9 million adults in the state.The state’s goal is to provide 70% of the state’s eligible population – about 4.7 million. Had been vaccinated by the end of June, more than 4.2 million people – about 62% of adults – had received at least one vaccine.

There were 1,464 coronavirus cases nationwide as of Sunday night, the lowest number since Nov. 6 and the latest transmission rate fell to 0.46, the lowest since it began. Outbreak

The seven-day mean for the confirmed positive test fell on Sunday at 1,614, a 61 percent drop from the previous month and the lowest since Nov. 1.

New Jersey has the highest death toll from coronavirus per capita among American states.

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Connecticut has already announced plans to remove all restrictions except indoor obscure by May 19, and New York City has announced plans to remove all restrictions by July 1.

Until Monday, Murphy resisted releasing a broad timeline for New Jersey and instead announced an escalating step, saying the state was too densely populated to open again at once.

Republicans pushed him to go more swiftly, or at least let go of the target date. And on Friday, Sen. Dawn Addiego, fellow Democrat D-Burlington, urged the governor to remove all capacity limits in the state by July 1.

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