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No Man’s Sky’s second voyage seemed a bit of a challenge.

Last month, the No Man’s Sky space probe introduced a new “exploration” game mode. Expeditions is a time-limited adventure, so the first adventure is imminent and the second, called Beachhead, has been released. Today I certainly didn’t land on the beach. This second voyage got me stuck, and others walked a long and frozen walk away from our boat. This deserves attention.

If you missed the introduction, No Man’s Sky’s exploration is like what we are used to calling the content “seasons” in other games. They have limited time and rewards that can be earned for completing goals. I would still like to compare them to the Path Of Exile challenge leagues because they force you to start new characters with specific limitations.

I attended the first No Man̵

7;s Sky expedition last month and found it to be a good idea. All of the players start at the same point in the universe, which means I’m surrounded by a handful of other players with new characters as we all figure out how to get our broken ship off the planet. The unknown The expedition’s goals appear to be fairly basic, although the “ranges” of each expedition are more difficult to target.

I also loaded the second expedition out of curiosity and let me tell you this is not a walk in the park. The “Beachhead” expedition gets everyone on the barren, dry Tibertant Alpha. I’m just a 12-minute walk from my boat with a damaged scanner, and I suspect others will find themselves in a similar situation, getting on my boat will be an even bigger challenge in the season. First

No Man's Sky - Players stand on a snowy, dark and arid planet, looking at a reference point showing their ship's position, a 10-minute walk.Temperatures of -29.9 Celcius are reported.

This adventure will start off coolly.

The goals for each of the five stages of the survey seemed to have a more explicit layout to them as well, while the innate survey felt a bit like a teaching. The first part of the voyage asks you to go to your ship and leave the world above all. After that, you should explore a little. The third phase consists of a goal for visiting planets with different climates, while the fourth involves learning the vocabulary in the language of other living things. In phase five, the target is encrypted and cannot be read.

The beachhead, as its name suggests, is more of a challenge than the first expedition. Not only that But you only have two weeks to play according to the game mode selection when restarting the recording. I think a good timing challenge sounds great.

Hello Games has posted a Beachhead bug fix note with a few additional bug fixes and updates.

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